Pensacola Events

The Pensacola events schedule features some annual affairs that you just might want to plan your visit around. Among them is a renowned music festival that takes place in the spring and a savory seafood celebration that helps to make September a month to keep in mind. Regardless of which event you choose to attend, there will be plenty to do on the side if you want to add other things to the itinerary. This is a multifaceted travel destination that can satisfy everyone in the group.

If you are a big music fan, then Deluna Fest Pensacola Beach is a festival that might pique your interest. Held over the course of a few days in October, this music festival brings in big name talent, and you can bet that the Pensacola Beach hotels fill up fast as a result. Rock, country, and jazz are just some of the music genres that you can expect to hear at Deluna Fest, and since a few hotels have teamed up with the festival sponsors, those with general admission tickets can enjoy some of their facilities. You can actually get a VIP ticket and hotel package that allows you to stay in a room that overlooks the performance stages!

Music fans who are interested in taking a Pensacola vacation might also keep the other music festivals in mind. These festivals include Florida Springfest, which brings big name music talent to the area in May, and the Pensacola Jazz Fest, which is held in April and takes place in the lovely Seville Square area of Downtown Pensacola.

The Pensacola music festivals aren't the only festivals of interest. Also held in Seville Square, the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival attracts more than 200,000 art enthusiasts to Pensacola in November, and aviation enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show. Also held in November, this air show is the last show of the year for the famed Blue Angels Navy flying squadron, which is based in Pensacola. You can actually watch the team practice at the National Museum of Naval Aviation on most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between the months of March and November.

Being that Pensacola is a coastal city, seafood is in very good supply. The Pensacola Seafood Festival celebrates this fact in grand style. Once again, the Seville Square area sets the stage for this tasty event, which showcases the talents of various food vendors. Seafood dishes of all kinds are on offer, and it's all accentuated by live music performances and other fun side events. The Fiesta of Five Flags presents the Pensacola Seafood Festival. This larger festival is held over the course of a few months in summer and features numerous side events, such as a crawfish festival and a boat parade.

Since there are many Pensacola events to enjoy, chances are good that your visit to the city will coincide with one, even if you plan it that way or not. Visit in February, and you might get to enjoy the Pensacola Mardi Gras festivities, for example, and anyone coming to town in October can see if the twelve-day Pensacola Interstate Fair is still going on.

Should you already be in Pensacola and you wish to find out what is going on in the events department, a trip to the Pensacola Visitor Information Center at 1401 East Gregory Street might be in order. There, you can get info on all kinds festivals and other events. Checking the local papers can also be a good idea, and anyone staying at a hotel might inquire with the staff to see what's going on in around town.

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