Pensacola History

Pensacola history is about as long and interesting as the history of a US city could be. In fact, this city dubs itself as the oldest European settlement in the United States, and you might be interested to know that it has changed hands several times since its official founding. Hence Pensacola's main nickname as the City of Five Flags.

When it comes to interesting facts about Pensacola Florida, it should be noted first and foremost that the foundation of the city was first laid out by the Spanish back in 1698. Spanish explorers and settlers had actually arrived in the area in the late 1550s. They came from Vera Cruz Mexico and were led by Tristan de Luna y Arellano. Unfortunately for this group, a hurricane moved in not long after they dropped anchor in Pensacola Bay. The year was 1559, and the fact that this hurricane prevented the Spanish from laying down stronger roots in the region is significant. Many historians believed that the event changed history in a big way.

In the early 1560s, Pensacola history saw the area as little more than a military outpost. Eventually, it was completely abandoned, and it wasn't until 1698 that the Spanish returned. They quickly went to work building a colonial town, though just 21 years later the French moved in and took over the settlement. Over the course of the following century, the French, the Spanish, the British, and the Spanish once again established control of Pensacola. In 1821, Spain ceded all of Florida to the United States. In 1829, work on the popular attraction that is Fort Pickens began, and the structure that helped protect Pensacola Bay for most of the nineteenth century was completed in 1834.

Pensacola history doesn't stop there. During the Civil War, the US government forces managed to keep the Confederate forces out of Fort Pickens. The Confederates came to control other strongholds and landmarks in the area, however, and ultimately ended up flying their flag over the city for some time. After the Civil War ended, the US Navy built a shipyard on Pensacola Bay, and in 1914, they added a Naval Aeronautical Station to the mix. Today, the Naval Air Station in Pensacola is still very active, and it is where you will find the renowned National Naval Aviation Museum. This museum doesn't offer the kind of insight into Pensacola history that the museums of the Pensacola Historic Village do, but it is worth of special mention nonetheless.

It was only a matter of time until Pensacola became a vacation destination. Some of the whitest beaches on the planet are found within easy reach of the downtown area, and barrier island hotspots like Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key have been welcoming beach enthusiasts for decades now. If you are fishing for some interesting facts about Pensacola Florida, you might appreciate learning a little bit about the Flora-Bama. Found on the island of Perdido Key, this restaurant of sorts has been going strong since the 1960s and is often full of people who are having a great time. The Flora-Bama hails itself as the Last Great American Road House, and it definitely deserves a look if you enjoy the lighter side of history or simply wish to indulge in fresh seafood and good times.

Pensacola history as it relates to European influences and the eventual ownership by the United States is more than 400 years old. As such, history buffs are likely to appreciate a visit. There is more to this westernmost Florida city than history, however. Just the golfing and fishing opportunities alone would be enough to warrant a visit, and it only gets better when you consider the totality of the Pensacola vacation possibilities. In recent years, the downtown area has been revitalized, and the efforts have paid off greatly. You might even be tempted to pass on a beach lodging in favor of the downtown Pensacola hotels.

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