Pensacola Weather

The Pensacola weather is appealing on the whole. This northwest Florida city enjoys more than 300 sunny days a year on average, which is reason enough to give it a thumbs up in the weather department, and being that the climate is moderate, there really isn't a bad time to visit. All in all, the best time to travel to Pensacola Florida is from May to October, as this period offers the best beach weather. It's also when the water conditions are most ideal for diving and snorkeling, and it doesn't hurt that it is also a great time to go fishing.

Summer: Summer is the definitive peak travel season in Pensacola Florida. Visitor numbers are at their highest from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and most people come to enjoy the beaches. Daytime temperatures in Pensacola hit the 90s with regularity during the summer months, and often times, it doesn't cool off very much at night if at all. Humidity is high almost all of the time, though it helps that the city gets plenty of Gulf Coast breezes to help cool things off. Summer thunderstorms are common and come mostly in the afternoon.

Fall: Fall is considered by some to be the best time to visit Pensacola Florida. Early fall especially, as you can still swim at the beaches and enjoy weather that is warm enough to sunbathe without getting a chill. In general, the fall season is relatively dry, though light rainfalls are common. The humidity gets lower the closer you get to winter, and the threat of hurricanes all, but disappears as the colder months approach. Hurricane season in Florida roughly runs from June to November.

Winter: The Pensacola weather is arguably at its worst during the winter. That's because it is often too chilly to go to the beach, and should a particularly frosty cold front move in from the north, you might even pass on a round of golf or some other kind of outdoor activity. More often than not, however, you can enjoy any number of outdoor pursuits comfortably when it is winter in Pensacola. The daytime lows don't usually dip lower than 50 degrees, and on some winter days, it can be quite warm.

Spring: As is true of the fall, the spring in Pensacola is characterized by relatively warm and dry weather, with the temperatures rising as summer approaches. Tropical showers are pretty common during the spring period, so you can expect to encounter some rainfall. These showers tend to lack the overly prevalent lightening strikes that the summer storms are known for, though the rain can be heavy. If it's too rainy to do something outside, the Pensacola museums can always help you fill the time.

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