St Petersburg Fishing

St Petersburg fishing is about as good as fishing gets, especially since this fourth-largest city in Florida can be found on a peninsula. The Tampa Bay lies to the east of St Petersburg, while the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico are just a short drive away to the west. Most local anglers will tell you that the fishing in St Petersburg Florida is always good, thanks to the fact that there is so much water around. Deep sea fishing from St Petersburg is possible if you want to get out on the water, and there are many local companies that would be happy to take you out for the day. Bring your own boat, and you can troll the area waters for fish.

If you are serious about doing some St Petersburg fishing, then having your own boat can be the ideal way to go. This is especially true if you are already familiar with the area. If you don't have a boat or are not sure about where to go and what to fish for, then booking an excursion with one of the St Petersburg fishing charters is recommended. The local guides here know where to go, and they can set you up with all of the equipment that you could want or need. For those who like to have a good time every now and again, hopping on a party boat that includes the option to go fishing is always an option worth considering.

The party boats that feature fishing in St Petersburg Florida tend to offer both half and full day excursions. You'll most likely be fishing for snapper and grouper when heading out on one of the party boats, and you can rent equipment on board if you are without your own. Spring and fall are arguably the best seasons for St Petersburg fishing, but you can always arrange deep sea fishing from St Petersburg during the summer months as well. If the party boats aren't your scene, there are plenty of private fishing boats that you can book instead. Clearwater Beach, Madeira Beach, and Tarpon Springs are three of the best places to go if you want to hop on a party boat or book a private fishing charter. Perhaps you'll snag a king mackerel while engaging in some deep sea fishing from St Petersburg. These large fish, which can weigh up to around 45 pounds, frequent the Gulf of Mexico waters in the spring and fall.

Many anglers who are looking to do some fishing in St Petersburg Florida hop in a kayak and wander through the grass flats at Weedon Island. This island is a county preserve, and the waters that surround it are often home to plenty of redfish, which is one of the most popular sport fishes in the state. Fishing the flats at other destinations, such as Fort De Soto Park and Pinellas Point, is also popular if you are interested in fishing for redfish, snook, and spotted sea trout. Don't forget about the inland creeks and the sheltered bays that abound in the area if you want to enjoy some good St Petersburg fishing, and the area piers and bridges also deserve some attention.

Some of the piers that you can fish off of in the St Petersburg area include the main Pier in St Petersburg, which extends out into the Tampa Bay, and the two piers at Fort De Soto Park, one of which extends into the bay, the other of which juts out into the Gulf of Mexico. If you don't manage to get out and do some deep sea fishing from St Petersburg, fishing from a pier can be the next best thing. As for fishing off a bridge, the Sunshine Skyway's northern stretch is ideal. Spanish mackerel is just one of the species that you can hope to snag when pier and bridge fishing. Perhaps you'll also be up for some wade fishing, or surf fishing if you please. All you'll need is a spinning rod and a bucket of shrimp to put on your hook if you want to try some wade fishing, which is perhaps best enjoyed off the Pinellas Bayway Bridge and in the waters that surround Fort De Soto Park.

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