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The St Petersburg Florida tours have something for everyone, so finding one that fits your taste and preference won't be hard. For art enthusiasts, a tour of the city's art houses is recommended, as are tours at specific art museums. If you have a good pair of walking shoes, walking tours in St Pete can be very rewarding, especially if you are interested in exploring the city's beautiful downtown area. The ghost tours of St Petersburg are popular, as ghost tours tend to be in southern cities, and you can always add one to the list if you enjoy a good scare every now and again. Sightseeing tours in St Petersburg Florida abound, and many involve cruising the area waters on a dolphin search.

Adding one or more St Petersburg Florida tours to your itinerary is recommended, as it will only add depth to your vacation experience. If you're an art fan and you are interested in walking tours in St Pete, there are more than 30 museums, galleries, and other art-related businesses in the city's downtown area that you can hope to visit. At the base of the renowned St Petersburg Pier is where you will find the Museum of Fine Arts, and you can head south of the Pier if you want to get to the Salvadore Dali Museum. Walking south of the Pier, you will come to the St Pete Museum of History, which deserves a look if you are interested in the city's history. If art is your main interest, St Petersburg offers monthly downtown Art Walks, which are events that feature some of the city's best galleries.

The Pier in St Petersburg is one of the best attractions in the city, and it's the place to go if you want to enjoy a dolphin watching tour. You're guaranteed to see a dolphin when cruising on the catamaran that docks at the Pier, and you'll also enjoy a narrative tour that highlights the main Tampa Bay sights. The dolphin cruises from St Petersburg Florida last 90 minutes, so they won't take up a lot of your time, and if you don't see a dolphin, your next trip is free. Dolphin watching cruises can also be arranged in nearby St Pete Beach, and they last two hours. As for those who are more interested in walking tours in St Pete, the Pier is one of the best starting points, especially if you want to get something to eat before you embark on your tour.

In addition to booking dolphin cruises, you can also book a cruise to a barrier island when it comes to the tours in St Petersburg. Some of the cruise companies in the area offer both private and public boating tours, and Shell Key is one of the featured destinations. An undeveloped island that offers splendid beaches and primitive camping sites, Shell Key is an ideal destination to escape to. St Pete Beach is one of the best places to arrange boat tours out to Shell Key.

Getting back to the waking tours in St Pete, some of them revolve around the city's most haunted hangouts. You can take a ghost tour here that lasts 90 minutes, and it involves walking around the downtown area at night with a candle in hand. The ghost tours in St Petersburg Florida begin at the Full Monty Café and they are usually offered on a nightly basis. If a ghost tour doesn't pique your interest, a walking tour through a glorious garden just might. Sunken Gardens, which is a dynamic botanical garden that is found right in the city, is a verifiable paradise. You can wander amidst lush and exotic plants from around the world at Sunken Gardens, and guided tours are available if you want to learn more about the flora and fauna on display.

These are just some of the St Petersburg Florida tours that you can consider when planning your trip, and it's worth looking in nearby destinations, such as Clearwater and Tampa, if you want even more tour options. A sightseeing cruise in Clearwater Beach or a Tampa boat tour that highlights the Tampa Bay can make for an excellent diversion. The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to tours in St Petersburg Florida, and when you figure in the wealth of tours that are offered in the general area, you definitely won't have trouble finding one that suits your wants and needs. Speaking of the sky being the limit, you can even take a helicopter tour on your St Petersburg vacation. A local company offers helicopter tours that also include a boat tour, and the packages can often be tailored to fit your needs.  

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