Busch Gardens Animals

Busch Gardens in Tampa has it all when it comes to entertainment, which is why the park is one of the most popular attractions in Tampa. Not only is it filled with rides and entertaining shows, but it's also home to the Busch Gardens Serengeti, plains where visitors can travel across the wilderness on a truck tour or on the Serengeti Express Railway and see a variety of animals.

Birds have been an important part of the park since it first opened, and today, the Busch Gardens bird room and gardens features a free-flight habitat for over 500 tropical birds. At Lory Landing, visitors can step inside the natural habitat aviary with Lorikeets, pheasants, and other bird species. This bird room is exciting for those who want to interact with the birds by offering nectar and offering the creatures a place to perch.

Visitors to the park can get close to the African animals at Busch Gardens at Myombe Reserve. In this lush habitat, visitors can watch the antics of the chimpanzees or come face to face with other great apes. The self-paced Edge of Africa safari allows visitors to walk through a natural environment and see more African animals at Busch Gardens, including lions, lemurs, hippos, and hyenas.

Similar to the Busch Gardens Serengeti, Rhino Rally features an off-road tour through the open plains for close encounters with exotic animals. At the four-acre Jungala habitat, visitors will have more up-close encounters with orangutans and Bengal tigers. An opportunity to interact with Busch Gardens animals is available through Jambo Junction, where visitors participate in feeding select animals and help with their training.

The most famous and recognizable of the Busch Gardens animals are the magnificent Clydesdale horses. These gentle horses are among the most powerful when it comes to strength and have been an emblem for Busch for many years, and visiting their stable area to have a picture taken with one of these famous equines is a must for your next vacation to Tampa.

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