Busch Gardens Tampa Rides

Expect a day of fun and excitement when you try any ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Be prepared to scream and be thrilled by the fast speeds and intricate loops, curves, and dives of the Busch Gardens roller coasters. Or if you're taking a Tampa vacation in the summer and want to cool off, plan to get thoroughly soaked on one of water-related Busch Gardens Tampa rides.

Bravery is vital when stepping onto SheiKra, one of the most popular Busch Gardens roller coasters, which takes visitors 200 feet in the air, and then pauses for several seconds on the edge of the track before plummeting straight down at speeds faster than 70 miles per hour. Not to outdone by SheiKra, another of the famous Busch Gardens roller coasters is Montu, with its seven twisting and turning inversions. Montu has the distinction as being a world-class steel roller coaster as well as one of the longest and tallest inverted roller coasters there is.

Kumba is another of Busch Gardens Tampa rides that takes riders through a series of weightlessness as the coaster speeds down its track leaving riders breathless as it negotiates its seven inversions along the way. Some visitors might be drawn to the award-winning Gwazi roller coaster, which is a giant wooden coaster that thrills its riders as the coaster blazes down the track at speeds of 100 miles per hour. Or they slow down a bit on the Scorpion as it travels at only 50 miles per hour—before diving into a 360-degree loop that keeps riders glued to the edge of their seats.

There are also rides that are appropriate for children and for guests of all ages. Cheetah Chase is designed for kids, as the track goes up to a height of five stories, and then travels down and around the track at speeds appropriate for children.

In the summer heat, the Congo River Rapids ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will cool visitors off as the raft navigates the rapids and waterfalls as it races down the river amid crashing waves. A favorite of the Busch Gardens Tampa rides is the Stanley Falls flume ride where riders race along the cooling waters before plunging down a 40-foot waterfall.

The Tanganyika Tidal Wave is the only ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay that provides an exciting scenic journey for riders down the river but also culminates in a 55-foot drop to the churning waters below that thoroughly drenches visitors standing at the base of the falls.

Visitors who are interested in the other attractions at the park will find plenty to do among the various tours and animal attractions, and if they'd like to spend another day on the waterslides, two-park passes are available that provide admission to both Busch Gardens and nearby Adventure Island.


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