Tampa Cruise

A Tampa cruise is something that should fit nicely on your itinerary, especially since you can choose from cruises of different durations. For those who are tight on time, the relatively short Tampa Bay lunch cruises might be ideal, while those who have ample time to work with might prefer an extended day cruise. Between Tampa and nearby Clearwater, finding a cruise that fits on your itinerary should be easy, and you also shouldn't have trouble finding one that fits your taste and budget. Maybe you'll head out to sea to look for wildlife, or perhaps you want to watch the sun go down while you dine with that special someone. Dinner cruises in Tampa are among the most popular, and they are definitely ideal for couples.

Tampa Cruise
Tampa Cruise

A sunset cruise in Tampa Bay is recommended if you are enjoying a honeymoon or other romantic getaway with the one you love, and while some sunset cruises can be private, others are public affairs that feature food and live entertainment. Tampa nightlife is alive and well, and dinner cruises that feature dancing are very popular. Most of the dinner cruises in Tampa, regardless of whether they include dancing or not, last around three hours, which means that they are easy to fit into most schedules. In addition to booking dinner cruises in Tampa, you can also book them in St. Petersburg and at Clearwater Beach, which are two destinations that deserve some of your time when in the Tampa area. Dinner cruises, or lunchtime cruises for that matter, are available for individual reservations in all of these destinations, and you can also book special group outings for events such as weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, and other special functions.

Not all of the Tampa Bay cruises will involve lunch or dinner, and if you're up for a little wildlife viewing, you can always book a dolphin-watch cruise. There are hundreds of bottlenose dolphins that call Tampa Bay home, and you are bound to spot some on a Tampa cruise that revolves around them. You are also likely to see a manatee or two on a dolphin cruise in Tampa, not to mention a wide variety of bird species. Should your Tampa cruise see you heading into the Gulf of Mexico, you might spot seahorses, sharks, and other fascinating marine creatures as you make your way out to an island. Some Tampa cruises that involve time on the Gulf of Mexico will also include stops on islands such as Compass Island, where shelling is a top activity. Others will include snorkeling and beachcombing.

Whether you want to view nature, are interested in finding a deserted beach, or want to enjoy a good meal while taking in the skyline from Tampa Bay, there is an ideal Tampa cruise for you. Tampa Bay cruises offer a lot in the way of variety, and when you also consider the Gulf of Mexico, the options are virtually limitless. In addition to cruising along in large boats on Tampa Bay cruises, you can also sail on a catamaran, take it slow on a pontoon boat, or even race along in a speed boat. Boat tours are plentiful in Tampa, and it's definitely worth your time to check out the various options when planning your visit. In a city this close to the water, finding your sea legs is a must, so don't forget to book a day cruise for your upcoming Tampa vacation.

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