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Cruises From Tampa
Cruises From Tampa

Though there are plenty of land based activities in the city of Tampa for travelers to enjoy - from the nearby beaches to the Florida Aquarium to Busch Gardens, plenty of visitors to the city never leave the shore. But its prime position on the Florida coast has allowed Tampa to grow into one of the most popular cruise ports in the entire country. So much so that many travelers to the city have come for this reason and this reason alone. And whether you are going on an ever-popular Caribbean cruise or across the Gulf of Mexico to destinations in Central America, Tampa cruises seem to leave around the clock. Though you will not find many of the casino cruises that depart from other Floridian ports, quite a few of the most luxurious cruise lines now call the city home.

Florida Tampa Cruises
Florida Tampa Cruises

The western half of the Caribbean is usually the preferred destination when going on one of the many Tampa cruises. Most of the main cruise lines are based out of the city - Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America all base their Caribbean cruises out of Tampa. Each offer their own variation on the standard Caribbean cruise - the casual tropical ambiance, clear waters and nightly entertainment can be found on pretty much every line.

Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Eastern Mexico are frequent stopping points for Tampa cruises. The majority of these cruises last 7-10 days, though a handful can extend your stay up to 17 nights. There are even a couple Tampa cruises that pass through the Panama Canal en route to San Diego, for those who wish to get a complete picture of the Central American seas.

On the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas and the British and U.S. Virgin Islands usually make their way onto the itinerary, though these can sometimes originate in Key West as well.

For those looking for cheap cruises from Tampa Florida, there are plenty of websites and travel agents that will help you find the most competitive price, though it is commonly assumed that if you are embarking upon a Caribbean cruise, that the cost is not much of a factor. Still, depending on the areas you wish to explore and the amount of time you choose to spend in the water, cheap cruises from Tampa Florida can be had. Discount cruise lines might not treat you quite as well when you are on board, but they will still drop you off at the same beautiful locations. Discount cruise lines might have lesser entertainment options, but you can always go enjoy the balmy evenings basking in the sea breeze.

But even if cheap cruises from Tampa Florida are not too prominent, there are still plenty of affordable lines that cater specifically to families and middle-class couples. Romantic honeymoon cruises can be found in abundance here, or if you are still unattached, singles cruises also disembark from Tampa on a regular basis. One of the most unique excursions would be Holland America's cruise line that connects Tampa with Venice, Italy. So if you want to get a relaxing start to your European vacation, you can spend almost three weeks circumnavigating the Atlantic before a few preliminary stops prior to one of Italy's most prized cities.

No matter where you want to stop or how long you wish to extend your cruise, there is likely a Tampa cruise that will offer something to your liking.

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