West Palm Beach Airport

Anyone who is thinking of flying to West Palm Beach will likely wonder if there is a West Palm Beach Airport. Well, there is—the Palm Beach International Airport. This relatively small airport near West Palm Beach might not be large, but that doesn't mean that you can't book a flight here through the major airlines. In fact, the Palm Beach International Airport is served by all the major airlines, which is just one reason why this southeast Florida destination is becoming quite the vacation hot spot.

The West Palm Beach Airport is only three miles west of West Palm Beach, so you can get to your hotel or vacation rental in virtually no time at all once you land. Even if you're staying in other nearby destinations, such as Boca Raton or Boynton Beach, getting from the Palm Beach International Airport to your intended destination will be a relatively easy task. That's good news for those who want to get their feet in the sand as quickly as possible after touching down. Even if you plan on heading south to Miami after arriving at the West Palm Beach Airport, it won't take all that long to get there. Southeast Florida's largest city is but 70 miles from the airport near West Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach International Airport wasn't always an international airport. The airport began operations way back in 1936, and it would have to wait 56 years to earn the international tag. In 1993, the West Palm Beach Airport became international, and it had everything to do with the addition of a 23,000-square-foot Federal Inspection Facility. As for the main terminal building here, it was dedicated in 1988. To this day, this terminal remains user friendly, which helps to make for a pleasant airport experience. An array of shops and restaurants can be found in the main terminal, should you have time to burn before or after your flight. You can always fly into the larger Miami International Airport if you don't mind busier airports, but for many, arriving at the more relaxed airport near West Palm Beach is definitely the way to go.

In addition to considering the airport in Miami when looking to vacation in West Palm Beach, anyone who is planning on arriving in the area by plane can also consider the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. This fine airport, which is less than 50 miles from West Palm Beach, is definitely worth keeping in mind, as you can often find good deals on flights that arrive here. That doesn't mean that deals aren't to be had on flights that arrive at the Palm Beach International Airport or the Miami International Airport. Comparing flights to all three of these airports is certainly recommended when getting a good deal is what you have in mind.

Ample parking is available at the airport in West Palm Beach, so if you have to leave a car here for any reason, you're in luck. In addition to premium parking lots, which are covered and thus cost extra, those who wish to park their cars for an extended period at the Palm Beach International Airport can also use the cheaper, uncovered parking lots. Both long and short term parking is available, and complimentary shuttles transfer travelers from the cheaper parking lots to the main terminal. Speaking of shuttles, you can always hop on one to get to your hotel or vacation rental upon arrival at the West Palm Beach Airport. You can also rent a car onsite if you prefer. Other ground transportation options include buses and trains, which are the cheapest way to go.

It's worth noting that the airport near West Palm Beach is considered to be one of the best airports in the country by some travel experts. Even if West Palm Beach isn't your intended destination when flying to southeast Florida's Gold Coast, arriving at the Palm Beach International Airport has its advantages. Travel enough and you're likely to find that the smaller airports are sometimes the best.

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