West Palm Beach Beaches

The West Palm Beach beaches are among the best beaches in the country, especially since they can be enjoyed year round. While people in the northern part of the United States are freezing during the winter months, those hanging out at the beach in West Palm Beach are likely to be basking in the warm sun. Mid-December through early May is the peak season for West Palm Beach travel, and you can bet that the beaches here see their fair share of visitors during this time. The weather only warms up during the off season, so the beaches remain popular throughout the year.

Whatever your preference, the West Palm Beach beaches have you covered. You can find beach parks here that are ideal for families and secluded beaches that encourage romantic strolls. The best beaches in West Palm Beach can be found on Palm Beach Island, which is one of the most upscale destinations in the state. While the bulk of the Palm Beach beaches are backed by opulent homes and luxurious resorts like the Breakers, there are some public beaches that visitors can enjoy. In a land that is dominated by commercial establishments, it's nice that there is a 100-foot-long public beach on Palm Beach Island that anyone can enjoy. You can find this undeveloped strip of sand between Gulfstream Road and Royal Palm Way. While there are no concessions or facilities at Midtown Beach, as this beach is known, lifeguards are on duty until the sun sets. One of the other West Palm Beaches that is open to the public can be found north of Midtown Beach. This beach is even more relaxed, which will appeal to some beachgoers.

If you like facilities, then the Phipps Ocean Park will likely make your list of best beaches in West Palm Beach. Found at the southern end of Palm Beach, this well-equipped beach park boasts 1,300 feet of sand to enjoy. It also boasts recreational areas that can be used for things such as picnics or tossing a ball around. Plenty of parking is available at Phipps Ocean Park, which helps to make it popular with families. Since there isn't an overflowing amount of public West Palm Beach beaches, visitors who are looking to enjoy time on the sand are encouraged to visit some of the other regional beach communities. Like Palm Beach, Boca Raton is a glitzy destination that is frequented by those with deep pockets. If you want to enjoy the top beach parks here, you will have to pay for it. The rates are reasonable, however, especially since you'll enjoy a range of quality amenities. Two of Palm Beach County's best beach parks can be found in Boca Raton, and they include South Beach Park and Spanish River Park Beach.

Boca Raton is hardly far away, but if you prefer staying closer to town, there are plenty of other great beaches near West Palm Beach. One of the best municipal beaches can be found in Riviera Beach, for example. All you'll need to do is make a break for Singer Island when in Riviera Beach, and you'll find the renowned municipal beach. In addition to Riviera Beach, anyone looking for some of the best beaches in West Palm Beach can also make the short trip south to Lake Worth. The large municipal beach in Lake Worth is one of the last public spaces of its size to be found on the southeast Florida coast, and it's definitely a fun place to hang out. When you're not swimming or taking part in watersports, like parasailing and wind surfing, you can enjoy languid strolls on the Lake Worth Pier. Fishing off the pier is also an option.

Riviera Beach and Delray Beach certainly aren't the only places to look if you're trying to find some good beaches near West Palm Beach. Delray Beach is up and coming, and it offers nearly two miles of savory sand for its residents and visitors to enjoy. Part of the long beach here is supervised by lifeguards, while the other half isn't. The non-lifeguard side tends to be quieter if you're interested in a more secluded beach experience. In addition to visiting Delray Beach, you might consider a stop in Boynton Beach. Head north of West Palm Beach instead, and Jupiter Beach presents some tempting stretches of sand. One of the top things to do at Jupiter Beach is check out Blowing Rock. Small geysers surge from this limestone outcropping when the bigger waves hit, and it's quite the sight to see.

While some of the best beaches in West Palm Beach can only be enjoyed by those who are staying at one of the more exclusive beach resorts, there are more than enough public beaches to choose from in the area. Don't forget to consider Peanut Island when looking to enjoy some time on the sand. This island, which can be found in the Intracoastal Waterway, not only offers beaches, but some great walking paths as well. You can do some beach camping on Peanut Island, and the island is home to an interesting museum if you are up for some culture.

Wherever you find yourself in the West Palm Beach area, you're never far from an inviting beach. In addition to staying at a beach hotel, West Palm Beach visitors who want to be near the ocean can also stay at a vacation rental that overlooks the beach. Condos and homes are available for rent if you want pass on the hotels, and many can be found near the best beaches in West Palm Beach.

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West Palm Beach Beaches


The West Palm Beach beaches are among the best beaches in the country, especi...

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