West Palm Beach Diving

If you enjoy scuba diving, then you're bound to really enjoy West Palm Beach diving. Southeast Florida is one the country's best scuba diving destinations, and there are plenty of operators in the West Palm Beach area that can get you out to all the top sites. The dive operators in this part of Florida offer excursions that leave from any number of destinations. If you don't shove off from West Palm Beach proper, you might embark on your excursion from Riviera Beach or Boynton Beach, among other destinations. Because scuba diving is so big in this area, exploring the underwater realms won't be hard to arrange.

Numerous reefs and wrecks can be found off the southeast Florida coast, which is part of the reason why West Palm Beach scuba diving is so ideal. The coral reefs off the coast here can be found at depths between 45 and 85 feet deep, and you'll need to be a certified diver if you want to visit them. You can get certified for open water scuba diving in West Palm Beach, but it's best to take care of all that beforehand. If nothing else, you can at least start the certification process from home and finish it up once you arrive. That way you'll not only have more time for visiting coral reefs, but for visiting submerged shipwrecks as well.

There are no less than 60 wrecks that you can visit while scuba diving in the West Palm Beach area. Most of these wrecks are less than 130 feet down, which means that even novice divers can visit many of them. For the wrecks that are deeper, you'll need to be a seasoned diver with technical skills. Reef diving and wreck diving are just two of the kinds of West Palm Beach diving that you can enjoy. Other kinds include drift diving and spearfish diving. Drift diving essentially involves letting the natural currents take you where they may. While drift diving off the coast in the West Palm Beach area, you can explore the line of reefs that are relatively close to land. These reefs are teeming with life, so you're bound to have a lot to look at.

Should you be interested in some doing some spearfishing while scuba diving in West Palm Beach, you will have to get a Florida saltwater fishing license first. Once you have that, you'll be ready to go. Spearfishing is legal throughout southeast Florida, though it's important to remember that you should steer clear of other divers when taking part in this relatively dangerous sport. Should you prefer looking for spiny lobsters while enjoying West Palm Beach scuba diving, you can do that as well between late July and March. There are plenty of good seafood restaurants in and around West Palm Beach, but if you manage to catch some lobsters or some fish while diving, you can prepare your own gourmet meal. Plenty of hotels in the area offer rooms with kitchens, and you'll have your own private kitchen if you stay at a vacation rental.

Regardless of the kind of diving that you are doing in the West Palm Beach area, you're guaranteed to see some fascinating marine life. Sea turtles figure among the most common creatures that you can expect to see while enjoying some West Palm Beach scuba diving, and they come mostly in the form of Hawksbills and Loggerheads. In addition to sea turtles, you're also likely to spot nurse sharks, whale sharks, sailfish, and an array of tropical fish. These fish include parrotfish, jacks, grunts, and angelfish, among others. If you're lucky, you might even see a Humpback whale. Whale sightings are relatively rare, so you shouldn't count on seeing any. Should you be exploring the natural and artificial reefs in the area, you will spot hard and soft corals, as well as some colorful sponges. Southeast Florida is a scuba diver's dream, so don't forget to bring your underwater camera along for the trip. As a side note, the artificial reefs that can be found just offshore come mostly in the form of shipwrecks.

There are too many dive sites to list in southeast Florida, and where you go on your West Palm Beach diving excursion will have a lot to do with the diving conditions. The offshore current varies on a daily basis, and this helps to make for some fairly unpredictable conditions. The dive operators in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and any other number of area destinations will assess the conditions and decide where the best diving can be had. In addition to helping you find the top diving sites, the West Palm Beach scuba diving operators can also help you secure the proper equipment. You can rent everything but a swimsuit when you go scuba diving in West Palm Beach, and most of the boats have fresh water showers to help you clean up once you're finished exploring the underwater realms.

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