Lion Country Safari

West Palm Beach boasts some wonderful attractions, and Lion Country Safari is one of the best. This "drive through safari and walk-through amusement park" is the only one of its kind in Florida, which helps to add to its popularity. Lion Country Safari is actually two parks in one. There's the Safari Adventure West Palm Beach experience and the Safari World Amusement Park, both of which can be enjoyed for one price. Seeing lions in West Palm Beach is a joy, though lions aren't the only animals that call these parks home. Other creatures that you can expect to see on your Safari Adventure West Palm Beach include elephants, ostriches, American bison, and pink flamingos. In other words, Lion Country Safari is quite akin to a zoo, and it can be an ideal complement to the Palm Beach Zoo, which is one of the other top local attractions.

Hanging out at the beach might be the top thing to do on a West Palm Beach vacation, but when you need a break from the sun and sand, visiting Lion Country Safari can be an ideal pursuit. More than 1,300 animals call this 500-acre preserve home, and they are divided into regions that aim to recreate their indigenous habitats. Should you be interested in enjoying the Drive Through Safari here, you'll mostly see animals that hail from Africa and India. You will drive in your own vehicle, and since the animals roam freely at Safari Adventure West Palm Beach, convertibles are not allowed. Before you actually take to the driving loop at the Drive Through Safari, you will be given an informative pamphlet. You will also be asked to drive no faster than fifteen miles per hour or less, although park visitors can speed up to elude things like rhino charges, which are thankfully rare.

It takes about an hour to drive through the Safari Adventure West Palm Beach, unless you stop for extended periods to watch certain animals. It's easy to linger longer than expected at the chimpanzee areas, for example. Watching them play is usually quite amusing. Before or after you treat yourself to the Drive Through Safari at Lion Country Safari, you can visit Safari World. This walk-through entertainment area boasts animal displays of its own, as well as a miniature golf course, an array of kids rides, and a hedge maze. Feeding the goats and the sheep at the Petting Zoo is always a blast, and you can learn more about the animals here through the animal demonstrations and the exhibit talks. On hotter days, Safari Splash, which is a small waterpark, definitely sees its fair share of visitors. There are many ways to keep busy at Lion Country Safari, and a full day here can certainly wear you out in a good way.

While hanging out at the Safari World Amusement Park, you'll have the chance to view a variety of bird species, as well as an array of fascinating reptiles. A number of mammals are on display as well, some of which can be found at the Petting Zoo. While a typical day at Lion Country Safari will prove rewarding enough, you might look to also enjoy one of the park's special events. These special events can include things like a Halloween safari experience, a Christmas celebration that involves chimps, and various lectures. In addition to seeing lions in West Palm Beach, you can also learn all about them, thanks in part to the Lion Country Safari's informative lecture series. These lectures also teach patrons about the other animals that call this park home.

All of the animals at Lion Country Safari are popular with guests, but it might just be the lions themselves that get the most attention. When coming to see the lions in West Palm Beach, it's often best to enjoy your tour in the late afternoon. It's usually much cooler at this time of day, which encourages the lions to move around more. You can always steal away to Safari Splash when the sun is at its strongest, and then head over to the lion area once the heat subsides. If you're staying at the onsite KOA campground, it boasts a swimming pool that can used to beat the heat.

Lion Country Safari is anything but your average attraction, and you might find that a return visit will be in order before your West Palm Beach vacation ends. Seeing lions in West Palm Beach is just one of the many joys to be had when visiting Florida's Gold Coast, so don't forget to add this unique theme park to your itinerary when in the area.

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