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There aren't tons of West Palm Beach resorts to choose from, but what the city's resorts lack in number, they more than make up for in quality. For starters, this is where you will find the renowned Breakers Palm Beach (pictured), which is one of the finest resorts in the entire country. More than 100 years old, this stately resort helps set the standard when it comes to the 5-star experience. It is a southeast Florida landmark and a resort that anyone would do well to stay at. The rates at the Breakers won't fit into every West Palm Beach vacation budget, however, in which case some of the other area resorts might prove to be more ideal. Most of the West Palm Beach resorts are relatively expensive, thanks to the ritzy nature of this area, and you can also enjoy an upscale lodging experience at some of the resorts in nearby cities like Boca Raton.

In addition to the Breakers, anyone who is interested in staying at one of the resorts in West Palm Beach will also do well to consider the PGA National Resort & Spa. While the Breakers boasts a fine golf course of its own, the PGA National Resort has five tournament-level golf courses that are about as good as golf courses get. As such, golfers might want to move the PGA National Resort to the top of their list when looking for resorts in West Palm Beach. Whereas the inland PGA National Resort is arguably better suited for golfing enthusiasts, the Breakers Palm Beach will likely prove more enticing to beach lovers. You can hardly top the Breakers when it comes to luxury beach resorts in West Palm Beach.

The Breakers isn't the only resort worth considering when it comes to the beach resorts in West Palm Beach. Due north on Springer Island, the Palm Beach Shores Resort and the Hilton Resort do well to offer upscale lodging experiences that will cost less than a stay at the Breakers. For those on a budget, smaller resorts such as the Sand Dunes Resort will be a good fit. The Sand Dunes isn't a sprawling resort, but it does offer some attractive condo units and a fantastic beachfront location. If you head further north along the southeast Florida coast, it won't take you long to get to Jupiter Beach. Since the beach resorts in West Palm Beach proper are limited in number, looking to nearby destinations like Jupiter Beach is recommended.

If staying in Jupiter Beach sounds like a good idea to you, the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa can make for an ideal home away from home. This luxurious resort boasts what it calls "the largest secluded beach in Palm Beach County," which should be enough to get the attention of anyone who enjoys lots of beach time. In addition to a fantastic beach, the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa also features a sparkling outdoor pool, and as the name would imply, you'll also find a spa here. The spa isn't large, but it is new and offers a full range of services. While Jupiter Beach isn't far from West Palm Beach, you might prefer a stay at the Four Seasons in Lake Worth if you want to be especially close to the downtown West Palm Beach area.  

The Four Season Resort Palm Beach is the top hotel in the Lake Worth area, and it can certainly suffice when luxury lodging in West Palm Beach is what you have in mind. Less than ten miles separate downtown Lake Worth from downtown West Palm Beach, so the two cities are essentially one. The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach is easily one of the best beach resorts in West Palm Beach, and like any good resort should, it boasts an impressive outdoor pool and patio area. The service is top notch here, and guests can not only enjoy lots of beach time, but an array of sumptuous spa treatments as well. The 11,000-square-foot spa at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach also features a salon if you want to update your look. Should the rates at the Four Seasons be higher than what you have in mind, the nearby Palm Beach Resort & Beach Club offers a more affordable beachfront resort experience. In fact, it's one of the more affordable beach resorts in West Palm Beach, which lends to its popularity.

These are just some of the West Palm Beach resorts that you will do well to consider when planning your visit. As one might imagine, the beach resorts in West Palm Beach are the most popular, though resorts like the PGA National do well to draw visitors inland. You'll still be close to the beach when staying at one of the more inland West Palm Beach resorts. The same goes for the resorts in the nearby coastal cities. Don't forget about the Boca Raton Resort & Club when looking to add to your choices for luxury lodging in West Palm Beach. Like the Breakers, this landmark resort is easily one of the most exclusive resorts in the land. You can hardly miss it when you get to town, as it is mostly pink and dominates the skyline. Among other things, the Boca Raton Resort & Club boasts a renowned spa, two championship golf courses, an incredible tennis facility, a large private beach, and a marina.

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