Georgia has opportunities for visits to excellent Civil War historical sites, literary tours, or simply trips to relax in the South. Whether you plan to take a Georgia family vacation, or simply visit the major tourist attractions in Georgia on your own, there is a lot to see in Georgia. Georgia attractions cover everything from trips to the zoo to hikes through the Appalachian foothills. However you plan to spend your time, the travel industry in Georgia is booming, and new attractions are increasingly added to the old favorites.

Georgia vacations in northern Georgia often center on the Appalachian Mountains. As one of the major tourist attractions in Georgia, the Appalachian Mountains actually offer a number of things to do and see. Though only about an hour’s drive from the mammoth city of Atlanta, northern Georgia is a rugged area with plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and sightseeing. Along with being the site of many Native American sites, the northern section of Georgia is home to the Chattanooga National Military Park. The national park was the site of various Civil War battles, and travelers can watch battle reenactments at this park to this day. The Blue Ridge Mountains are also located in northern Georgia and offer their own unique beauty.

In addition to the natural beauty of Georgia, there are also some great cities which are worth making a part of any Georgia vacations. Georgia attractions in the city of Atlanta are numerous, and this exciting metropolis has been the scene of many historical events over the years. Savannah is yet another popular place to find tourist attractions in Georgia. Georgia attractions in Savannah can include tours of some excellent antebellum homes, as well as a unique blend of historical and modern sites. Savannah is also a major draw for tourists, with plenty of excellent shopping and upscale restaurants. In the deep south of Georgia, travelers will find most of the state’s cherry and peach orchards, as well as other crops which remain in demand. The warm climate of this southern state makes Georgia an ideal place for growing fruit.

Georgia family vacations often begin in Atlanta. From Atlanta, families can see a wide variety of southern attractions without having to drive too far. The Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain Park in particular continue to be favorites for Georgia family vacations. Six Flags Theme Park, Zoo Atlanta and Okeefenokee Swamp are only the beginning. Georgia tourist attractions are particularly geared toward family travel, more than most states, and children and adults alike will enjoy the many family oriented travel attractions found throughout the state.

Whether you have a long time to spend in Georgia or just a few days, you are sure to enjoy the sunshine and friendly people in Georgia from the moment you arrive.

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