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Atlanta Georgia is the best-known city in the American South, and tourism here is enjoying increasing popularity, and new waves of travelers continue to discover the delights of the south in general and Atlanta in particular. From the incredible Atlanta attractions with a historic bent, to the Atlanta attractions that were built for the Summer Olympic Games in the mid 1990’s, Atlanta tourism is at a high for a reason. However long you have to spend in this interesting city, attractions in Atlanta do not disappoint.


Atlanta is a city which has come to represent the New South, and tends to have a history of progressive action when compared to some surrounding areas. Although the history of Georgia does highlight the burning of Atlanta in the nineteenth century, the reconstruction of Atlanta started a process of distinct change for Atlanta. During the civil rights movement of the 1960s, Atlanta stood alone as one of the only cities in the south, and certainly the only major city, to take a stand against segregation. Atlanta tourism and attractions in Atlanta have been increasing ever since.

Some of the most popular attractions in Atlanta include the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the World of Coca-Cola, and of course the famous Zoo Atlanta and Atlanta Aquarium. The aquarium is the largest aquarium of its kind in the world, and continues to draw travelers from all over the country to gaze at the more than 500 species found there. Attractions in Atlanta also include some of the most interesting historical sites in the south. The Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum is a favorite among Civil War history buffs and families looking to add education to their vacation. Underground Atlanta, an entertainment and shopping zone, is another of the most popular attractions in Atlanta.

The city of Atlanta is quite busy and large, and many travelers opt to take Atlanta sightseeing tours in order to get a sense of the city. Atlanta sightseeing tours can be taken as an independent adventure or through a tour guide company. Travelers will have no trouble finding Atlanta sightseeing tours that cater to walkers, as well as to those who would rather ride along in a tour bus. Organized walking tours will guide guests through the downtown area, pointing out historical and otherwise interesting sites, while giving information about the sites. Tours by bus can also be easily booked, and will usually cover a wider swath of the city. In addition to the downtown area, bus tours of Atlanta will usually head toward the outskirts of the city as well.

If you do plan to take your own Atlanta sightseeing tour, maps and suggested walking itineraries are available downtown. Combining walking with shopping and dining can be a great way to learn about the city while having some fun. There are a number of neighborhoods and districts, including Buckhead, Virginia-Highlands, and downtown, that are ideal for a day trip walking tour. Whether you have just a day or an entire week to spend exploring Atlanta, this unique city has some to do both day and night. The history of the city and the state add to the charm and fascination of this growing metropolis.

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