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Atlanta Braves baseball has been an institution in the capital of Georgia since 1966, and attending a game remains one of the most popular things to do in Atlanta. The history of Braves baseball, however, dates back much farther. The team that exists today is an offshoot of the Boston Red Stockings, which trace their heritage back to 1870. The game of baseball was really coming to life right around this time and historic teams such as the Braves and Chicago Cubs were getting their starts. It would take the Atlanta Braves several years to get a foothold once arriving in a new market, but shortly thereafter, the team would begin to dominate the National League East division. Between the years of 1991 and 2005 the Braves won an absolutely staggering fourteen consecutive divisional titles, an all-time record in Major League Baseball.

Today, Atlanta Braves baseball attracts millions of fans, even outside of Atlanta, as the team was broadcast on TBS for decades, giving the team regular national television exposure. Atlanta Braves tickets are some of the hottest in town.

There are a lot of things to do at Turner Field once you have secured your Atlanta Braves tickets. Obviously everyone is in the stands to see the Braves, and the home games are lively and entertaining to say the least. You will see everyone rallying around their hometown team with the traditional chants and chopping motions. It’s all just part and parcel of the Atlanta Braves hometown experience. When they contended and won a hotly contested series against the Cleveland Indians in 1995, the enthusiastic support of the fans in the stands provided a decided home advantage for the Braves. There is, however, far more than just a game to watch when you decide to take in the full Atlanta Braves baseball experience at Turner Field. It is well worth paying a visit to the Braves Museum and Hall of Fame.

You can arrange for Turner Field tours of the Atlanta Braves Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame by making reservations in advance of your vacation to the city. There are a number of different ways to enjoy the museum, from self-guided tours to one-hour guided tours alongside Atlanta Braves experts, enthusiasts and authorities. There are over 600 Braves artifacts, photographs, and other items that celebrate their long history from Boston (1871-1952) to Milwaukee (1953-1965) to Atlanta (1966-present). The Museum is open year round and can be found at the entrance at aisle 134. You will definitely want to make a stop at the Atlanta Braves Museum and Hall of Fame if you are a big fan of the team. There are amazing photographs of some of the legends who have played for the team throughout the years, from Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy and Eddie Murray, to Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine.

Atlanta Braves tickets are not at all prohibitively expensive unless you are trying to get seats in one of the luxury suites. You can oftentimes find affordable seats through ticket brokers, including Destination360's ticket booking tool, or at the stadium. It is a really fun experience when you visit Turner Field, and if you have kids that are also fans, you can turn a game into a whole day of excitement at the Braves Hall of Fame, which also has a lot of interactive games and exhibits as well, and there are plenty of hotels near Turner Field to choose from as well.

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