Atlanta Cyclorama

The Atlanta Cyclorama is the single largest oil painting in the entire world and makes an excellent attraction to add to your trip here if you want to experience a little Atlanta history. Everything about this massive painting is unique. The painting is one of only three cycloramas in the U.S. and there are only sixteen additional cycloramas overseas, where they are more frequently referred to as Panoramas. The circumference of the Atlanta Cyclorama is 358 feet, it occupies over 15,000 square feet, and the depth of the display (after the addition of the three-dimensional foreground or diorama) is 30 feet. It depicts the Civil War Battle of Atlanta and allows visitors to get inside the battle in a unique and interactive fashion. Check out the massive panoramic presentation of one of the most historic battles of the American Civil War.

If you want to visit this popular destination and see a show, be sure to check with the tourism center on the availability of Atlanta Cyclorama coupons, which can oftentimes add up to significant savings if you have a large group. Otherwise, Atlanta Cyclorama coupons are not always needed as the tickets are quite inexpensive.

The Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum is a very popular destination for Civil War history fans and lovers of history in general. Although the highlight of the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum is undoubtedly the panoramic painting itself, there are also two floors packed full of Civil War artifacts, from uniforms and guns, to artillery, photos and other items. The Steam Locomotive Texas is one of the other most popular attractions at the Atlanta Cyclorama. It hearkens back to the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862. When you visit this popular destination in Atlanta, you will have the option going to any of the area restaurants, bars, and cafes nearby to round out a fun day at the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum. Be sure to check out the bookstore as well.

Image: Georgia Dept of Industry, Trade & Tourism
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