Atlanta Bed and Breakfasts

Atlanta bed and breakfasts offer guests a welcome dose of Southern hospitality and provide a nice alternative to the usual hotel stay. If you are looking for the perfect Atlanta Georgia B&B, keep in mind that you do not have to restrict your search to one particular area or another in the city. There are downtown Atlanta bed and breakfasts, but there are also many other fine accommodations in virtually every other part of the city. Actually, this is one of the great advantages to booking a B&B. Many times, there are simply more of them than there are hotels in a large city such as this, allowing you to be more discriminating when it comes to exactly which part of town you might like to stay in.

Atlanta is particular appealing place to look for a bed and breakfast. Even though the city is widely considered to be much more progressive than other cities in the south, the southern charm and hospitality has never left. Proprietors of Atlanta bed and breakfasts seem to take particular pride and make every effort to ensure that their valued guests are completely taken care of while in their home. Of course, not every Atlanta Georgia B&B is located in someone’s private home. The evolution of bed and breakfasts in general over the years has seen the categorization apply to everything to coach houses and farmhouses to apartments and urban flats. The downtown Atlanta bed and breakfasts tend to be more modern and contemporary while the more traditional B&Bs tend to be a little outside the city. You can, however, find amazing Atlanta bed and breakfasts not too far outside the city center in areas such as Little Five Points, Hapeville, and Decatur. There are so many options to choose from in Atlanta that you will be best served by setting aside as much time as possible to peruse all of them, making sure you get to stay in the exact part of town you want, in an accommodation that strikes your fancy.

If you do have the opportunity to stay at one of the Atlanta bed and breakfasts that is privately owned by a family that has owned the residence for a number of years (in some cases generations) you will notice the hospitality and high level of customer service in everything you encounter, from meal or tea time, to evening turndown service, to so many other intangible extras that make you feel as though you are at home, just without any of the worries, obligations, or stress. Downtown Atlanta bed and breakfasts put you within close proximity of the city’s attractions, including the CNN Center, Centennial Olympic Park, and Zoo Atlanta. You may not be right in the middle of the city center, but close enough to take a cab or MARTA train to virtually any part of the city.

An Atlanta Georgia B&B may just be the ideal accommodation for you on your next trip. The southern hospitality and quality service that is commensurate with any stay at one of these accommodations make the price well worth it.

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