Atlanta Campgrounds

Atlanta campgrounds provide a great atmosphere for those people looking to get out into the natural beauty of the countryside surrounding the capital of Georgia. There are a wide variety of sites in the area, from simple plots where RVs and campers can set up to much more expansive sites that double as theme parks with rides, activities, and much more. The best campgrounds near Atlanta offer guests plenty of accommodations and services, from public bathrooms and facilities to barbecue pits and handicapped access. If you are considering camping in Atlanta, there are a number of sites that you should absolutely look into.

Stone Mountain Park is easily the most alluring of all the Atlanta campgrounds. It combines the traditional camping experience with a ton of cool family activities and rides that will keep both the kids and adults entertained for days. This particular place rises above the rest of the best campgrounds near Atlanta for its wide selection of activities, clean and comprehensive facilities, and size and scope. It is also conveniently located just outside the city. From Atlanta, it’s a quick jaunt from I-20 East to I-285 North. After that, the best camping in Atlanta is just seven miles away.

Stone Mountain represents a whole new level of camping in Atlanta. Normally when you go to a campsite and take a hike, you have to blaze your own trail and find paths along the way. All of this is fun and exciting, but the experience at Stone Mountain puts you in the middle of all the most dramatic scenery in the park. For instance, the Sky Hike is the largest family adventure course in the country. It is a quarter of a mile long and features two different heights to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Take a hike like you have never done before as you are suspended high off the ground from ropes and other challenging course obstacles. The Summit Skyride is another of the most popular rides for people who consider this to be among the best campgrounds near Atlanta. The Skyride is a high-speed Swiss cable car that provides breathtaking views of the landscape below. The Scenic Railroad, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and the Camp Highland Outpost are just a few more of the reasons why camping in Atlanta does not get any better or more exciting than at the Stone Mountain Park. A one-day Adventure Pass costs far less than a day at the amusement park.

There are other Atlanta campgrounds worth looking into, but most of them are simply traditional plots where you can pitch your tent, hike, and also have a great time. If your only priority is finding a cheap plot where there is beautiful land and plenty of hiking trails, you will have no problem finding something that works for you. These other sites for consideration when camping in Atlanta include Lake Notterly, Poteete Creek Campground, Vogel State Park, John Tanner State Park, and Red Top Mountain State Park Lodge. At Lake Notterly, you will enjoy the ability to rent various water crafts as well as some of the best fishing spots in northern Georgia. The Red Top Mountain State Park is an excellent destination for blazing awesome hiking trails and canoeing. Depending upon what kind of trip you are interested in having, there is a site that should be perfect for you. If you don't want the tourist humdrum of a place like Stone Mountain and would rather just be out in nature, try the area state and national parks, of which there are many.

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