CNN Center

CNN Center is the headquarters of the Cable News Network, one of the largest such channels on television. The entirety of this massive complex is occupied by CNN and TBS, both divisions of Time Warner Cable. It is a popular attraction in the city because of the ability to take a CNN Center studio tour to see cable news making in action. Checking out the building on one of the tours here is an excellent thing to do here in Atlanta.

In this day and age of lightning fast mobile devices, networked everything, and instant messaging, cable news reaches the four corners of the globe and has even begun to incorporate what are known at CNN as iReporters. These beat reporters are just ordinary people who send in their photos and stories. This has lengthened the reach of this network and many similar networks’ reach into the global market. People are increasingly interested in seeing how the process works and they jump at the opportunity to go behind the scenes. If you are planning a visit during your vacation, you should also know that there are plenty of CNN Center restaurants and lots of shopping and other places to eat and drink in the area as well.

The CNN Center is a massive complex that includes a major hotel, the Omni Hotel, and food court that receives a steady flow of traffic from the adjoining Philips Arena (home to the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers), as well as the Georgia Dome and the Georgia World Congress Center. Visitors and people who work in the surrounding areas enjoy the wide variety of CNN Center restaurants. There are also a lot of other cool features, including large screens that televise live coverage of CNN throughout the day. When you take a CNN Center studio tour you will have the option of peaking in on not only CNN, but also CNN International, Headline News (HLN), CNN en Espanol, and in Session.

In many ways the experience you have on a CNN Center studio tour is largely dependent upon the attitude you take into it. A lot of people who have taken the tour feel as though they are being somewhat hurried through the facilities without much room to ask questions. Then again, this is a busy, global headquarters, and scheduled tours begin every twenty minutes. Many others who have taken the tour report a fascinating glimpse into the inner-workings of one of the largest and most successful cable television news networks in the world. Its global headquarters are located in the heart of the new South, Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to make a day/night affair out of it, plan to head to a Hawks or Thrashers game after visiting the CNN Center and one of the CNN Center restaurants. Philips Arena is directly connected to the CNN Center so you won’t have to worry about going far to get from one place to the next.

In a city that boasts a large number of attractions, the CNN Center is a fun destination and is enjoyable for adults and children alike. Ticket prices are relatively inexpensive and the tours themselves last for 55 minutes.

Image: Georgia Dept of Industry, Trade & Tourism
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