Atlanta White Water Rafting

Atlanta white water rafting is particularly popular because of the abundance of rivers and waterways in and around the area. There are a ton of options for residents or people visiting the city who want to explore the wild side of nature. There is even personalized and expert instruction in terms of rafting for kids in Atlanta. The experience that a family has while out on one of these courses is a total bonding experience because of the trust and teamwork that you experience and enjoy on your ride. Atlanta rafting provides a very nice alternative to your usual day out at the park or shopping trip. There is plenty of shopping, entertainment, and dining in Atlanta, but if you want to get out and enjoy nature for a day or two while on your trip, white water rafting could be an ideal experience.

If yours is a family trip and you are committed to getting everyone up to speed before ever hitting the river, there are schools of instruction for adults and kids alike. The White Water Learning Center of Georgia in Atlanta has been around for a long time and offers professional instructions for whole families. You can take a one-day basic canoe and kayak class on the Metro Chattahoochee River, private kayak and canoe instruction, five-day summer rafting classes for kids 9 to 14, and weekend beginner’s courses. There isn’t anything this place and others like it do not cover when it comes to safety instruction and best practices for once you are out enjoying Atlanta white water rafting on your own. You will feel much better about rafting for kids in Atlanta once you see how thoroughly the trainers proceed.

There are about ten rivers and creeks where you can enjoy Atlanta rafting, all with one to 25 miles of the city. The Annewakee River, Big Creek, and Chattahoochee River are a few of the most popular and the places where you can experience some of the most exciting Atlanta white water rafting within close proximity of the city. There are other much bigger rivers and course in the outlying areas, and in bordering states like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. There are well over 30 rivers within 50 miles of the city, so if you are amenable to traveling a short distance, Atlanta rafting does not have to be restricted to inside the city. Though, Atlanta is one of the few cities where you can actually do this (in the Chattahoochee) if you want to. This is another reason why Atlanta is such a popular destination for tourists from both inside and outside of the United States.

If you are looking for some viable options for rafting for kids in Atlanta, look into Sweetwater Creek, the Yellow River, the Chattahoochee, Rottenwood Creek, and the Alcovy River. A day out on the rapids is unlike any outdoors experience you will enjoy with your family in the city of Atlanta. Take a breather from the museums, restaurants, and hotels in Atlanta, and get a breath of fresh air along some of the most scenic waterways in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

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