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Atlanta shopping is a favorite pastime for both residents and visitors of the capital of Georgia. The city has experienced major growth in past decades and its continued expansion is not blocked by any natural boundaries, such as the ocean or nearby mountains. Along with the growth in population has come expansion of virtually everything in the city, from Atlanta shopping malls, to new hotels, restaurants, and entirely gentrified neighborhoods. Whether you are in search of quality Atlanta outlet malls where you can find spectacular deals on name brand clothing and other goods, or you are seeking out that perfect antique store or vintage art gallery, you are bound to find at least one, if not many, places that appeal to you.

Just taking a quick look around as you walk through areas such as Buckhead, Little Five Points, and Midtown, you will quickly become aware of the fact that shopping is taken very seriously in Atlanta. The city does not specialize in one particular kind of store or item. Stores in Atlanta run the gamut from antique outlets and retro resale shops to massive Atlanta shopping malls where you can find everything from the Gap to IKEA. Although you can find a nice sampling of stores in most areas of the city, there are certain tips that are helpful to know if you are determining where you might like to spend the majority of your shopping time and budget.

Buckhead Atlanta is one of the most popular destinations for shoppers. This trendy and fashionable area of the city boasts a wide variety of independently owned shops, as well as several major Atlanta shopping malls, like Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square. Near the southern boundary of Buckhead, you will find Bennett Street, where there are several blocks of newly renovated warehouses turned art galleries and antique and accessories shops. If you are already planning to do some Atlanta shopping in Buckhead, make it a point to get over the Bennett Street, one of the most unique shopping destinations in Atlanta. It is also worth mentioning that you will find similar stores and shops in the Virginia-Highlands area, where there is a nice blend of small shops selling everything from clothing and jewelry, to art and home goods. If you are looking for Atlanta outlet malls, you will want to look in more suburban areas on the outlying edges, like Decatur.

Little Five Points is also an excellent place to do shopping in Atlanta. It is less pretentious in many ways than Buckhead and Virginia-Highlands, and features many more independent shops. The stores cater to the needs of alternative shoppers and those looking for resale, vintage, and retro goods. Miami Circle is another place worth mentioning in the city where you will find similar small shops and a range of cool and interesting stores.

If it is all about Atlanta shopping malls for you, try downtown and Midtown where you will find the underground mall, Atlanta Underground and Atlantic Station. Perimeter Mall is also one of the most popular large shopping destinations within the city. Whether it is Atlanta outlet malls or independent shops that strike your fancy, it is all within your reach in this vibrant city of the south.

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