Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is an amusement and theme park located in Cobb County, just west of Atlanta. It opened in 1967 and is the second in the chain of Six Flags theme parks. The first, Six Flags Over Texas, opened in 1961. This popular amusement park known the world over occupies 230 acres and features an excellent selection of roller coasters and other amusement park rides. Just like the rest of the Six Flags parks, Six Flags Atlanta features an array of characters from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, the Justice League from D.C. Comics, and Mr. Six, who is designated as the Face of Six Flags.

Six Flags Over Georgia is a perfect attraction for families who are looking to spend a fun-filled day together, enjoying rides, food, games, and group activities. You can find Six Flags Over Georgia discounts by buying tickets in bundles or by purchasing a season pass, which grants you unlimited access to the park throughout the open season. This is a great way to realize significant savings. In fact, you are not going to find any better Six Flags Over Georgia discounts, not with coupons or incentives. When you look at the normal price of a one-time ticket compared with the steep discounts that you receive when you buy a season pass, the decision may become a no-brainer. It just depends upon whether or not you live in the area and plan to attend Six Flags Atlanta on a regular basis, or if you are just planning to visit once. In the latter case, it may be more advisable to look for discounts through your Atlanta hotel or check into local vacation packages.

Just like most other major amusement and theme parks, Six Flags Over Georgia prides itself on its extensive collection of roller coasters and thrill rides. From the new and gigantic Goliath to the wild Batman: the Ride, there are enough thrills packed into the coasters at this park to keep even the most avid amusement park enthusiasts entertained for days. On the Acrophobia ride, passengers plunge sixteen stories in an all-out free fall. There are also plenty of rides for the kids at Six Flags Over Georgia, from the Fiesta Wheel and Log Jamboree to the Rabun Gap Railroad Station and a ride on the Santa Maria. There are also endless options for good park food at Six Flags Atlanta. You will be able to find better options at the nicer restaurants in the park if you are interested, but if you seek quick food such as hot dogs, cotton candy, and caramel-covered apples you are after, you will also not be disappointed in the least.

Six Flags Over Georgia also hosts a range of entertainment events, from parades and family group activities, to large concerts by huge performing acts. Certainly, do your planning as far in advance as possible in order to find out about available Six Flags Over Georgia discounts, whether this means a season pass, vacation package, or the coupons often available through tourism boards or local venues.

Image: Georgia Dept of Industry, Trade & Tourism
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