Things to Do in Atlanta

The state capital of Georgia, Atlanta is a vibrant city where tourism is increasingly taking center stage. From things to do in Atlanta that relate to the state’s history to activities in Atlanta that have sprung up since the 1996 Olympic Games were held here, there are plenty of Atlanta tourist attractions to keep the visitor occupied for days—if not weeks—on end. Visitors will have no trouble creating a vacation itinerary packed with fun things to do in Atlanta.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

A relaxing place to be found in Piedmont Park, the Botanical Gardens are one of the great things to do in Atlanta if you’re looking for a carefree and tranquil time. Here you’ll find an array of conservatories that host various types of tropical plants, such as cycads and orchids. Another one of the activities in Atlanta to enjoy at the Botanical Gardens is strolling through the park’s two wooded areas, where you can view the flora native to Georgia.

World of Coca Cola

Fans of Coca Cola will not want to miss the World of Coca Cola while visiting Atlanta Georgia. A little-known fact is that the world famous drink originated from a pharmacy in the city, and, as such, Coca Cola rightly claims its roots lie in Atlanta. Atlanta tourist attractions at the World of Coca Cola include walking around the extensive museum here and sampling the many and surprisingly different types of Coca Cola available around the world. As the drinks come without charge, this is easily one of the standout free things to do in Atlanta.

Zoo Atlanta

Housed on more than 40 acres of land, Zoo Atlanta is one of the larger zoos you will find in this part of the US. Its main attractions are the two giant pandas that live within its walls, and the chance to catch a sight of this highly endangered species is truly one of the top Atlanta tourist attractions.

Underground Atlanta

Underground Atlanta refers to an area of the city characterized by its excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment and nightlife opportunities. An exciting place for those who like to stay out late, Underground Atlanta bars are exempt from rules that aim to curtail late-night drinking in other parts of the city, one of the top things to do in Atlanta in this area is staying out and socializing until the early hours of the morning.

High Museum of Art

Part of the Woodruff Arts Center complex, the High Museum of Art is one considered one of the better museums in Georgia. The extensive collection here houses some big-name artists, while the cafe provides a nice place in which to take it easy over a light lunch or coffee.

Centennial Olympic Park

One of the activities in Atlanta that you shouldn’t miss is spending a few hours in the Centennial Olympic Park. Built with the 1996 games in mind, the Park is an open expanse where free entertainment is often available. A visit here will help you understand just how helpful the Olympic Games were in renovating Atlanta Georgia.

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