Underground Atlanta

The Atlanta Underground is a group of businesses in downtown Atlanta that combine shopping and entertainment for locals and travelers alike. Located in the Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta Underground is conveniently near the intersection of the Mart rail lines. The Atlanta Underground was first built in 1969 by a group of Atlanta businessman who hoped to attract tourism business and attention, the history of Underground Atlanta is quite interesting.

The history of Underground Atlanta includes the viaducts that have brought about the underground part of the district. Although the viaducts were built many years before the district was opened, the original building fronts in place before the viaducts came remained in place. The viaducts were built to accommodate the brand new rail system that came to Atlanta in the 1960s. The history of Underground Atlanta goes on to record that a restoration of the area took place in 1969, and the old style architecture of the original store fronts was maintained.

Underground events in Atlanta include musical concerts at a number of bars and venues. One of the most popular underground events in Atlanta is the New Year’s Eve celebration, in which a giant foam peach is dropped form a small tower and is followed by fireworks and much celebration. Underground events in Atlanta tend to be a bit on the rowdy side, as well, making it the perfect place for any kind of celebration. Underground Atlanta actually enjoys some rule exemptions. An open container provision allows patrons to carry their drinks from bar to bar, and Underground Atlanta also has a later closing time than any other bars in the city.

In addition to the great bars and fun music, the 12-acre area also has oscillating searchlights, an outdoor staging area for performances and concerts, and an enormous peach fountain. During the day, Underground Atlanta is a hub for shoppers, with hundreds of retail outlets and restaurants catering to guests throughout the day. For a more historical perspective, there are markers throughout Underground Atlanta pointing out interesting historical facts and things that happened on that very site. There are also plenty of street vendors lining the area.

Whether you plan a walking tour of Underground Atlanta to appreciate the historical aspects of the city, or spend the evening partying until the wee hours, Underground Atlanta is a fascinating combination of entertainment and history.

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