Atlanta Water Parks

Atlanta water parks provide more reasons why this dynamic city in the south is as popular a tourist destination as it in fact is, especially given the hot weather during the summer here. Atlanta and the outlying areas are packed full of awesome water parks and aquatic centers where the whole family can have a blast. Options range from the massive Six Flags Atlanta White Water Park to smaller but still enjoyable destinations like the Bethesda Park Aquatic Center, Lake Lanier Beach and Water Park, and the Central Aquatic Center. You will have no problem whatsoever locating an Atlanta hotel with a water park nearby. In fact, many Atlanta hotels have been built to accommodate the increasing number of tourists that flood into the city each and every year. You can bet that there will be plenty of options for eating and drinking, accommodations, entertainment, and nightlife within close proximity of wherever you are staying. Atlanta is simply that kind of city, where just about everything is at your disposal all the time.

For the thrill seekers looking for Atlanta Water Parks, the search may just begin and end at the Six Flags Atlanta White Water Park. As a matter of fact, the thrill rides at this water park include some of the tallest and longest slides in the country. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some twist and turn and others simply plunge you down through the water at epic speeds. The Dragon’s Tail is one of the most popular attractions at the park and challenges serious adventurers to plunge a formidable 250 feet along three different drops.

The Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool is an amazing, 700,000-gallon replica of a beach on the Atlantic where the whole family can feel the tide and play with beach balls and swim through the currents. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most alluring double-tube water slides at the Six Flags Atlanta White Water Park. Get swept away in the speeding tube before getting shot out into the wide open wave pool with the rest of the screaming masses. The Gulf Coast Screamer and Cliffhanger are two more exciting slides whose thrill levels you can probably infer from their names. The Rapids may be one of the most exciting of all the rides at the Six Flags Atlanta White Water Park. There are also an abundance of rides for smaller kids. Each of the rides and slides are also manned with professional lifeguards which is reassuring for any parent with an overly ambitious young one who is excited to plunge into the water. You can easily find an Atlanta hotel with a water park nearby, but you want to try to find one nearby the Six Flags if possible.

Atlanta water parks provide an awesome day for the whole family or a group of friends. They also allow you to get away from the grind of city life for a bit and enjoy the water and some nice Atlanta sun. At the Lake Lanier Islands Resort, you will find an Atlanta hotel with a water park right inside the resort, along with golf, swimming, and a wide range of other outdoor activities. Some other notable water parks include: the Collins Hill Aquatic Center, Bogan Park Aquatic Center, and the Rhodes Jordan Aquatic Center.

Image: Georgia Dept of Industry, Trade & Tourism
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