Chatahoochee River

The Chatahoochee River flows from North Georgia to Florida and forms much of the border between Georgia and Albama. From its source deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the river flows south for 430 miles, through Atlanta and its suburbs and on to Fort Benning (the Army base in Columbus) before it meets with the Flint River. From there, it meanders its way into the Florida Panhandle. The river with its unique name was immortalized in a country song by Alan Jackson. No one is exactly sure what the name means, but it’s possible it means painted rocks, taken from the Native Muskogean language. Today, the locals like to call the river The Hooch and have fun on and off the water.

Chatahooche River Tubing & Kayaking

Chatahooche River Tubing & Kayaking
Chatahooche River Tubing & Kayaking  Image: javajoba (flickr)

In the North Georgia Mountains, people come to admire the scenery and have some fun along the way. The Chatahoochee River is one of those places where people come to experience outdoor adventure, especially in Alpine Helen in North Georgia. Outfitters can get you everything you need for time on the river, whether you want a quiet paddling excursion or a thrilling tubing adventure. A little further down the river, 48 miles of the river have been declared the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. In this stretch of river in the Atlanta suburbs, the rocky shoals and smooth waters always at a fairly constant 50 degrees, and the conditions are idea for kayaking and boating. At some points, the river breaks into some Class II rapids, which is popular for tubing and whitewater rafting. As the river flows towards the Florida panhandle, there are several more points of entry for fun on the river.

Chatahoochee River Fishing

There’s never an off season for fishing along the Chattahoochee River. From January through December, anglers grab their poles and lures and head to the Hooch, as long as they have valid licenses. With the water a relative constant temperature, it can support a number of species in all seasons. Catches are especially plentiful in trout, catfish and bass. At some points along the river, both brown and rainbow trout are stocked, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for good catches. If you want the inside information about the best places to find the fish biting, it’s smart to secure a local guide for an outing. Both Florida and Georgia-based captains also offer chartered excursions by boat down the Hooch.  

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