Georgia Restaurants

The state of Georgia is synonymous in the minds of many with authentic southern cooking. While that is still the case throughout much of Georgia, including Atlanta and Savannah, these two cities have also begun to emerge with much more in the area of dining out. Food lovers hoping to indulge in Atlanta dining or Savannah dining will not be disappointed, as a great number of excellent restaurants can be found in both cities.

Atlanta fine dining is a major draw for many tourists and locals alike. For the most part, Atlanta fine dining is concentrated in the Buckhead neighborhood, which is also home to great shopping and a vibrant nightlife. Atlanta fine dining in Buckhead is both posh and at time exclusive. If you plan to eat at one of the restaurants in this area be sure to plan ahead. Most of the restaurants will require reservations, particularly on the weekends, and it is always best to call ahead.

Atlanta dining for families is also popular, and families should have no trouble locating restaurants with a great atmosphere for family Atlanta dining. Restaurants in Atlanta for families include everything from spots featuring pizza and burgers to comfort food and cafes. Drive-in restaurants tend to be popular in the south, and in Atlanta there are more than one that are great options for families, combining good food with the novel fun of eating in your car. There are also a number of family restaurants in Atlanta that offer more upscale fare, as well.

After checking out all of the best restaurants in Atlanta, you may find yourself wanting to explore Savannah dining. Savannah dining is most well known for the excellent seafood restaurants that can be found throughout the city. Along River Street, home to great shopping and nightlife as well, travelers will find some of the best seafood restaurants in Georgia. There are also plenty of comfort food restaurants to satisfy even the hungriest of travelers. Although River Street is a great place to go for Savannah dining, there are also some excellent restaurants located downtown that should not be overlooked. As with restaurants in Atlanta, be sure to call ahead and confirm reservations on the weekend, as many restaurants fill up quickly on Friday and Saturday nights.

So whether you hope to find the most acclaimed chefs in Georgia or just enjoy some comfort food in your car, there are great options for travelers of every age in both Atlanta and Savannah. From seafood to collard greens, travelers in Georgia should expect to eat well.

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