Georgia Hotels

A trip to the Peach State can be just as rewarding as a trip anywhere else in the United States, and from the highlands north of Atlanta, to the lowlands near Savannah, there is a ready supply of Georgia hotels that would like to put you up for the night. Once you narrow down the list of things to do in Georgia that interest you most, you will likely choose next to peruse the options for Georgia hotels. Across the state, the Georgia hotels offer up selections to fit every budget, making a Georgia vacation ideal, even if your budget isn't a large one.

Visitors to Georgia will likely take a few days at least to explore the large and booming city of Atlanta. Serving as the state's capital, Atlanta is a joy to explore, whether you are interested in the history of Georgia or just want to learn about the history of the world's most popular soft drink. A trip to the World of Coca-Cola is a fun way to spend a few hours, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Aquarium are a good way to get in touch with the natural world. Shoppers looking to throw some money around will find Underground Atlanta to be a nice attraction, and if you want to get a good overall sense of the city, the Atlanta sightseeing tours can be particularly rewarding. If you are arriving on a flight to Georgia, you will likely land in Atlanta, and even if you choose to bypass it, you might still need to spend at least one night at the Atlanta hotels. Throughout the city, the Atlanta hotels range from high-end establishments to options for discount lodging in Georgia. Whether you are staying in Atlanta or heading elsewhere after your arrival, the Atlanta hotels near the airport prove to be convenient due to the complimentary airport shuttle and the ease of renting a car. If you are traveling with the family, the kids will likely enjoy the short trip from Atlanta to Stone Mountain, where your Georgia accommodations could be a nice resort hotel or a choice campsite.

About 70 miles east of Atlanta, Athens, Georgia proves to be a trendy town to visit if you are looking for that college town feel. Home to the University of Georgia, which was the country's first state-chartered college, Athens boasts a nice music scene, and it's picturesque setting below the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains doesn't hurt matters. In Athens, you can find some nice bed and breakfasts, and with the chain brands around, you won't be strapped here for cheap hotels in Georgia. About 100 miles southeast of Athens is the famed city of Augusta, where the PGA Masters golf tournament is held every spring. Augusta is both a charming and graceful southern city, standing proudly on the banks of the Savannah river. Augusta has both budget and upscale Georgia hotels to choose from, but during the Masters tournament it gets hard to secure accommodations. If you can't find a room at that time, you can look to the Georgia hotels in neighboring towns and just across the South Carolina border in Aiken.

For a taste of Germany in Georgia, and for a chance to enjoy the Appalachian highlands, the town of Helen is a good place to visit. To aid their tourism industry, the town of Helen has transformed itself into a Bavarian town, and so you can guess that finding hotels in Helen can be a bit difficult during Oktoberfest. If you are staying in town, you can expect your hotel to mimic a Bavarian inn, and there are plenty of options found around town for cheap hotels in Georgia. When you visit the mountainous highlands of Georgia, you might pass on the Georgia hotels for at least one night to try a Georgia cabin rental. In rugged north Georgia, hikers will find joy in taking to the trails, with the Appalachian and Bartram trails among the most popular. When you are ready to leave the northern section of Georgia, you can head southeast to the friendly coastal city of Savannah. River Street in Savannah is a tourist haven, where the cobblestone streets and the Savannah River make for unique setting. There are some unique shops to dive into on River Street, and a few bars serving up some cold drinks. You can dine along the river, or head up to the city's main level to check out the bars and restaurants in the heart of town. If you want to hang out at the beach in Savannah, head east to Tybee Island beach, where you can often catch a glimpse of schools of dolphins jumping out of the water. The Savannah GA hotels offer up some nice downtown establishments that have you in the heart of the city's historic districts. You can get around downtown Savannah by foot, making the downtown Savannah GA hotels all the more attractive. You can also check out the Savannah GA hotels on Tybee Island, and for those looking for some added attention to service, the Savannah bed and breakfasts make for a most relaxing getaway. Savannah has plenty of upscale accommodations for rent, and the city also boasts a nice array of choices for cheap hotels in Georgia. You can also find some nice Georgia vacation rentals in Savannah.

Another city in Georgia you may consider visiting is Columbus, which can be found almost halfway up the western Georgia border. Just across the Chattahoochee River from Alabama, Columbus is a historic city that is also a pleasure to navigate by foot. Touring the historic downtown area is a popular thing to do, as is paying a visit to the past home of Coca Cola inventor, Dr. John S. Pemberton. Whether you are visiting Columbus, Georgia for business or pleasure, you will find a good amount of moderately-priced hotels here flying the big chain flags. If you have decided to pass on Georgia's main cities to enjoy a beach getaway, then you might consider heading to Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island was once a playground for the very wealthy, but you no longer have to have an immensely fat wallet to enjoy this scenic place. Jekyll Island has some of the best beaches in Georgia, and your choices for Georgia accommodations here will include vacation rentals and nice hotels. Unlike in the past, Jekyll Island now has more options for discount lodging in Georgia in case your budget is tight. The best way to find cheap hotels in Georgia is to look for deals online before you go, and regardless of where you stay, you might look for package deals that make finding discount lodging in Georgia easier than ever.

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