Kennesaw Mountain

Visitors interested in visiting Civil War locations and learning about state history will find many such places located within Georgia national parks, including the famous site of Kennesaw Mountain. In 1899, the park was established with a small parcel of land that today has grown to 2,800 acres. Within the park is the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, the scene of many battles during the Civil War. The park is located near the city of Marietta and its historic district in Marietta Square.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, provides approximately sixteen miles of hiking opportunities down trails and paths along the base of the mountain across terrain used by Confederate soldiers. Hiking to the summit of Kennesaw Mountain is possible along the main trail leading to the top of the Mountain that was used for transporting cannons during the war. The trail begins at the visitor's center, and it is approximately 1.2 miles to the summit.

The elevation of Kennesaw Mountain is more than 1,800 feet, and while the hike is fairly short, hikers will reach gain more than 700 feet of elevation over the course of the trail, making the trek somewhat challenging. However, vistors hiking to the summit will be treated to panoramic views of surrounding areas including Stone Mountain, so it's worth the effort. The top of Kennesaw Mountain is accessible by car during the weekdays, and on the weekends, buses take visitors from the visitor's center to the summit of the mountain by bus for a small fee.

Two other Civil War sites located within Georgia National Parks are the Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site in Fitzgerald, Georgia and Pickett's Mill Battlefield Historic Site in Dallas, Georgia. At Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site, visitors tour the thirteen-acre site where Confederate President Jefferson Davis was taken prisoner in 1865. The park features a museum, gift shop, hiking trail, and picnic tables.

The 765-acre Pickett's Mill Battlefield Historic Site is one of the most outstanding and well-preserved battlefields in the United States. The site is the location of a battle between Federal and Confederate soldiers in 1864 when the Union army, making its way towards Atlanta, encountered 10,000 Confederate soldiers. A battle ensued lasting several hours with the Confederates maintaining control of the field, and their victory resulted in a one-week delay in the advance on Atlanta by opposing troops. Today, the park has a picnic area, hiking trails across historical terrain, and visitor center with artifacts and an informational slide show.

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