Georgia Nightlife

While the vibrancy of the nightlife scene in Georgia can change depending on which city you visit, travelers will find a jumping party in major metropolises such as Atlanta and Savannah just about every weekend. Both Atlanta nightlife and Savannah night clubs offer exciting ways to spend an evening. In addition to Atlanta night clubs, the city also has a number of performing arts centers and other ways to enjoy yourself during the evening.

Atlanta nightlife for travelers looking to enjoy Atlanta night clubs centers on the area known as Buckhead, somewhat close to the downtown area. In Buckhead, tourists will find a wild mix of Atlanta night clubs, bars, and hundreds of young people cruising the streets. Due to the popularity of the area and the slow cruising speeds, Buckhead is often marked by traffic jams. If you plan to visit, hop on the Mart rail or bus system and walk. Taxi cabs also frequent the area on the weekends, which can be another good option for anyone looking to avoid bringing their car.

Another popular scene in Atlanta nightlife is the Virginia-Highlands area. Any night club in Atlanta located in the Virginia-Highlands area will likely be filled with the young professionals of the city. A blend of trendy bars and one great night club in Atlanta after another are concentrated in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood.

In addition to the bars and clubs of Atlanta, the city also sports great theatre and music venues. The Alliance Theatre Company hails as the major theatre company in Atlanta, and features shows most nights of the week. There are also quite a number of smaller theatre companies that put on equally compelling shows; the Shakespeare Tavern, Theatre in the Square, and Actor’s Express are just a few. Since almost all theatre companies post information on their websites, it is possible to check ahead and see which shows will be playing during your vacation. Often, you will also be able to purchase tickets right online; a particularly good idea for the most popular theatres and shows.

While you can find a great nightclub in Atlanta almost any night of the week, the city of Savannah is not to be left out when searching for great entertainment in Georgia. The river city of Savannah blends bars, performing arts, Savannah night clubs and even dinner cruises to create a nightlife that can bring the sounds of Dixieland rushing back. The most popular Savannah night clubs can be found on River Street. River Street is located along the Savannah River, and travelers will find bars with live music and even dancing all along this byway. Dinner cruises also wind down the river and past this street, and travelers can hop on board to enjoy an evening snack as they tour the city by boat.

Whether you spend time in Atlanta, Savannah, or both, travelers will find that both cities tend to come to life at night. Food, dancing and entertainment can be found throughout either area.

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