Sapelo Island

If a beach vacation without the frills and gimmicks is what you are looking for, consider Sapelo Island travel. Sapelo Island Georgia is a largely undeveloped barrier island along Georgia’s Atlantic coast. Owned mostly by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Sapelo Island is protected in order to keep this treasure beautiful for generations to come—of both people and wildlife. If you want a peaceful and educational trip to the coastal south, Sapelo Island travel may be just right for you.

While you aren’t on the trails taking in the wilderness of Sapelo Island, enjoy the beaches – you won’t find many cleaner beaches around than on Sapelo Island Georgia. Pristine, natural beaches make Sapelo Island Travel a breath of fresh air when compared to other loud, busy developed beaches. The whole eastern end of the island is lined with some of the most pristine sand and surf you’ll find anywhere in the south. Especially gorgeous are Nannygoat Beach (which includes a small boardwalk and pavilion) and Cabretta Beach, two excellent spots on Sapelo to catch the sun rising over the blue eastern horizon.

While most of the island is owned by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (which gives educational tours to visitors daily), there is some privately-owned land that may include Sapelo Beach rentals. You have to look hard for Sapelo beach rentals, because there just aren’t many out there. One option would be to stay on the mainland in one of the near-Sapelo beach rentals (in or around nearby Darien), and take exciting day trips to Sapelo Island using the Sapelo Queen, the 30 minute ferry from the mainland.

While you’re on the island, relaxing on the quiet beaches, touring Reynolds Mansion, and hiking along beautiful walking trails are top priorities, but a trip to the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve will be incredibly educational as well. A visit to the tiny village of Hog Hammock is also a must-do, because of the unique culture of the African American residents, who descend from those forced to serve in slavery during the Spalding plantation years.

No matter what your Sapelo Island travel includes, you are sure to appreciate this undeveloped oasis of nature and history on the Georgia coast.

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