Savannah Georgia

The city of Savannah has long been known as one of the most welcoming in Georgia, if not the entire United States. Affectionately referred to by the locals as, “The Hostess City”, Savannah is one of the most attractive cities to visit in all of Georgia. Savannah attractions are numerous and sometimes quaint, and travelers should have no trouble at all finding things to do in Savannah.

One of the most popular Savannah attractions is simply the architecture of the city itself. Despite the destruction of General Sherman’s March to the Sea, a number of beautiful antebellum homes and structures can still be viewed to this day. In fact, the nation’s most valuable collection of 18th and 19th century architecture is located in the city of Savannah, and remains one of the biggest Savannah tourism draws in the area.

Savannah walking tours of the downtown area are one great way to see some of the historic architecture and other parts of the city as well. Downtown Savannah is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States, and the district is one of the most popular Savannah attractions for visitors. If Savannah walking tours of downtown seem like a like to take on, there are also a number of companies that offer bus tours of the city as an alternative to Savannah walking tours.

In addition to walking and bus tours, there are a number of things to do in Savannah that center on museums and other historical landmarks. The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, is a dedicated to the lives of African Americans and their contributions to civil rights movements in Savannah and the surrounding area. In addition to museums, there are also a number of Civil War forts that can be fun to visit and are a mainstay for Savannah tourism. Old Fort Jackson, Fort McAllister, and Fort Pulaski are perhaps the most popular for touring, but there are other forts surrounding the city for anyone who wants to spend much of their time exploring Civil War sites.

Along with visiting the historical sites of Savannah, there are also plenty of things to do in Savannah along River Street. River Street follows the path of the Savannah River, and there are a host of great shops, restaurants and nightlife entertainment to enjoy on River Street. The area is one of the most popular for Savannah tourism, and visitors are sure to enjoy this attractive area. Some of the best seafood restaurants in all of Georgia are also located on River Street. Whether you choose to enjoy this city by shopping, eating out, or simply touring the historical sites, Savannah is famously welcoming and a great place to visit.

Image: Georgia Dept. of Industry, Trade & Tourism
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