Savannah Hotels

If you are planning a trip to Savannah Georgia, you will likely be looking for somewhere to stay. Many of the best hotels in Savannah can be found in the town’s historic district, conveniently located downtown. There are also a few hotels located on the Savannah River, near all of the shopping and entertainment found on River Street. No matter which you choose, travelers may be surprised to learn that most of the nicest Savannah hotels are Bed and Breakfast establishments, housed in historic buildings that served their original purposes as private residences.

Bed and Breakfast hotels in Savannah are congregated, for the most part, in the historic district in downtown Savannah. Travelers can of course expect breakfast in the morning, as well as a few other amenities. Depending on the class of the different Savannah hotels, many Bed and Breakfasts also feature Jacuzzi tubs in each room, as well as antique decorations and sometimes even a spa for massage and other services. Five star hotels in Savannah will tend to stray away from the larger hotels and big chain names found in other cities. Instead, five star hotels in Savannah really will be found in these Bed and Breakfasts and privately owned establishments, which make good on the promise of Savannah as the, “Hostess City”.

In addition to five star hotels in Savannah, there are also some great options for Savannah Georgia discount hotels. While there are a couple of Bed and Breakfast Savannah Georgia discount hotels, for the most part the less expensive accommodations will be standard hotels flying the flags of the larger hotel chains. Travels will be pleased to note, however, that even Savannah Georgia discount hotels tend to be quite nice, offering inexpensive, yet clean and comfortable, accommodations. Also, many of these Savannah hotels are actually located right downtown in the historic district, adding convenience for travelers hoping to walk through the downtown area while on vacation.

If, instead of staying in the historic district, you would like to be on the river, there are also some excellent hotels in Savannah to be found on River Street. Some of the larger hotels in Savannah are located on the river, and there is even a golf resort and spa to be found near River Street. In contrast to the historic district, hotels on the river have more room to grow, and as such the accommodations may be larger in general than those found downtown.

So, whether you want to be tucked away inside a cozy room in the historic district, or stretch out a bit with a view of the Savannah River, accommodations in Savannah tend to be particularly lovely. The warmth of the people extends to make a stay in Savannah a stay to remember.

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