Things To Do In Columbus

Columbus is a large city in Georgia that is situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. There are many things to do in Columbus Georgia, a city that is tranquil, spacious, and historic. As this is essentially the hometown of Coca-Cola, some of the best Columbus Georgia attractions are associated with the fizzy drink. That’s not to say activities in Columbus Georgia are limited to Coke, however; there are plenty of museums, historic buildings, and a lively cultural scene here to keep the vacationer occupied. The best things to do in Columbus Georgia represent a wide variety of opportunities for entertainment.

The House of Doctor Pemberton

The inventor of Coke, Dr. John S Pemberton, lived at 11 Seventh St., where he also ran a pharmacy in which he sold his newfound drink. Today the building has been turned into a small museum, where visitors can view a recreated pharmacy scene from the late nineteenth century. Pemberton’s grave can also be found in town.

Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Continuing the Coke theme is the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. Science (and not Coke, who is the sponsor rather than the subject) is the main focus here, with exhibits designed to educate visitors about a variety of scientific endeavors. Another Coke-related tourist attraction in the area is the World of Coca-Cola interactive museum in Georgia's capital city of Atlanta.

Columbus Museum

Columbus Georgia attractions include the excellent Columbus Museum, where visitors can learn about and view American art and cultural works from the region. Permanent exhibits here include a collection of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American fine art, along with a display of more contemporary works. The museum’s exhibit dedicated to decorative art is also one of the top Columbus Georgia attractions for those interested in the development of furnishings in the area.

Port Columbus National Civil War Naval Museum

Located on Victory Drive, the Port Columbus National Civil War Naval Museum offers some excellent museum-based activities in Columbus Georgia. For example, two genuine Confederate navy ships are on display here, along with uniforms and weapons used during the Civil War.

Performing Arts

Columbus is a center for arts and culture in Georgia, and there are many spectacular venues where you can watch top-quality shows. The Springer Opera House, for example, has been the epicenter of high-art in the area for over a century. While the Opera House is antiquated and nostalgic, the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts is veritably forward-looking and modern in design. Seeing a show in one of these great venues is high on the list of things to do in Columbus Georgia.

River Walk

One of the very best activities in Columbus Georgia is to take a river walk along the Chattahoochee River. A fifteen-mile park runs adjacent to the river’s water, creating great walking, cycling, and skating opportunities. The park is also fitted with numerous benches in great locations, allowing you to pass happy afternoons reading, painting, or just watching the sunset.

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