Georgia Car Rentals

Whether you are planning to fly or drive to Georgia, there are a number of options for getting around once you reach the southern state. Car rentals in Georgia are a popular choice, along with riding the Georgia train or even the Marta Rail. Whichever you choose, there are some efficient and cost effective ways to travel throughout the state and within the most popular cities, including Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus.

Finding a car rental in Georgia is a fairly simple task. There are major car rental companies located in all major cities and in most of the smaller towns, as well. Car rental in Georgia is a top choice for travelers who plan to move around the state extensively. Anyone who would like to see the coast, check out the Appalachian foothills and still spend time in Atlanta will like want to utilize a car rental in Georgia. Car rentals in Georgia are also a good idea for folks who may be traveling from nearby states, such as Alabama, South Carolina or Florida. Many rental companies offer excellent travel deals for travelers who plan to travel within neighboring states.

One popular way to see parts of Georgia for travelers who want to forego car rentals in Georgia is the Georgia train. In particular, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Georgia train allows riders to hop on and off a train that travels along one of the most scenic routes in all of Georgia. The Blue Ridge railway operates throughout the summer and at select times during the winter. The train is run completely by volunteers with a love of trains and an even greater love of Georgia. The experience is one travelers will not soon forget, and gives rider a unique peek into the history of Georgia.

The official Georgia Railroad is also a popular way to travel, making frequent trips between Atlanta and Augusta, with multiple stops along the way. The train operates daily throughout the year, and complements the Amtrak service that runs from Toccoa to Gainesville and Atlanta throughout the year.

The Marta Rail (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) is the city of Atlanta’s most extensive public transportation network. Along with the subway system that constitutes the Marta Rail system, there is also a Marta bus system that complements the rail service. The Marta bus system, in conjunction with the rail, does make it possible to visit just about every place in Atlanta using public transportation. For travelers on a budget, or for those who simply prefer to forego the hassle of driving in an unfamiliar city, the Marta bus and rail system is a great alternative. Bus and rail passes ranging in duration from a day to a month can be purchased online in advance of your trip.

So whether you plan to take a plane, a train or an automobile to Georgia, there are plenty of excellent travel options for locals and foreigners alike.

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