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Planning when to take a vacation to Georgia is an important step when planning your trip. Whether you will be taking Georgia family vacations or participating in Georgia tourism by visiting one of the many campgrounds in Georgia, you will find that the best time to travel Georgia will depend on what you would like to do once you are there.

Many travelers planning Georgia family vacations schedule their trips during the summer. With warm temperatures and kids free from the time constraints of school, Georgia family vacations during the summer are often an excellent choice. Summer does tend to be one of the busiest seasons for tourism in Georgia, however, and travelers hoping to avoid the tourism boom may want to stay away from summer travel. Anyone planning to take trip to Georgia by car will also want to take into account the higher gas prices associated with summer travel. Many of the most popular Georgia tourism attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium, will also experience their greatest influx of visitors in the summer. Taking all of these factors into consideration, Georgia is gorgeous and warm in the summer, and this is still a great season to travel Georgia.

Spring is also an excellent time to visit Georgia, and for many travelers it is the best time to visit. The rainy season will generally end after April, and the warm colors that appear throughout the south during spring via the opening of spring flowers are spectacular. As an added bonus, since local children will still be in school, visiting many of the most popular attractions in Georgia will involve less hassle. In particular, places such as Zoo Atlanta, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Piedmont Park will be virtually free of visitors during the week as compared to the weekend, and travelers will be able to enjoy shorter lines. Cooler, less humid temperatures are yet another bonus to Georgia tourism in the spring, and the spring climate of Georgia is for many the best climate for traveling.

Anyone planning to visit campgrounds in Georgia or head into the Appalachian foothills will likely want to travel Georgia in the summer or early fall. Campgrounds in Georgia are generally closed during the winter months, and will be most easily visited between June and September. For travelers planning to visit campgrounds in Georgia via an RV or trailer, there are a number of great campsites spread not only throughout the Appalachians, but along the coast as well. Some of the most popular campsites are booked well in advance, particularly during holidays such as the 4th of July, so if you do hope to find a prime spot in the summer be sure to plan ahead.

While there is truly no bad time to visit the larger cities in Georgia, such as Atlanta, travelers generally consider spring and fall to be the best times to visit this colorful state. Depending on the things you would like to see and do once you are there, however, Georgia can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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