Airports in Hawaii

The airports in Hawaii can be found on all of the main islands, which makes interisland flights one of the most popular ways of getting around when island hopping. While you can fly directly into the main Hawaii international airports, arriving at some of the state's other airports will require you to make a connection first. The Honolulu International Airport on Oahu, which is the state's busiest, is where most air passengers arrive. For those who are looking to move on to another island, making a connection in Honolulu is often the norm.

Oahu Airports

Of all the Hawaiian airports, the one in the capital city of Honolulu is the largest. Plans are in the works to expand it, so it's only getting bigger. Thankfully, the Honolulu International Airport, which is found on the southern side of Oahu, is user-friendly. This has a lot to do with its relatively simple layout. Once you arrive at the Honolulu International Airport, you might be headed to nearby Waikiki, where the bulk of the island's hotels can be found. Numerous shuttles are available to get you to the Waikiki hotels and condo rentals, and you can also rent a car, take a taxi, or save some money by taking the bus. Most of the major airline carriers in the U.S. and abroad offer service to Honolulu International Airport, as it is the state's most popular. Should you be looking to visit other parts of the island, such as the Ko Olina resort area, renting a car once you arrive at the airport in Honolulu is recommended.

Mauai Airports

If you are flying direct to Hawaii and you aren't landing in Honolulu, then there is a good chance that you will land at the Kahului Airport on the island of Maui. A good number of U.S. airlines offer direct flights to the Kahului Airport, while some will require you to make a connection in Honolulu first. Be sure to stop by the Visitor Information Center when arriving at the Kahului Airport. In addition to recommending some good Maui hotels, the staff here can set you up with some good maps and recommend some top Maui attractions.

Lanai Airports

While the smaller Hawaiian Islands of Lanai and Molokai are part of Maui County, anyone looking to fly into their airports will likely pick up a connecting flight at the king of the Hawaii international airports; the Honolulu International Airport. Should you be looking to fly to Lanai, the flight from Honolulu will only take about 25 minutes. Once you arrive at the Lanai Airport, the drive to Lanai City will take just ten minutes, while those who are interested in heading to Manele Bay will have to execute another 25 minute trip.

Molokai Airports

The island of Molokai boasts two Hawaiian airports for travelers to consider, though you will really only need to keep one of them in mind. The Hoolehua Airport, which is also known as the Molokai Airport, is only about six miles from Kaunakakai, which is the island's largest town.

Big Island Airports

The Big Island, which is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, features some of the more popular airports in Hawaii. Many Hawaii travelers look to visit the Big Island, as it boasts Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the beautiful Kona Coast, and so much more. The Big Island has two Hawaii international airports for air travelers to choose from. For those who plan on spending the bulk of their time on the Kona side of things, flying into the Kona International Airport is recommended.

For those who want to hang out in Hilo, which can be found on the other side of the island, flying into the Hilo International Airport is the way to go. In addition to being closer to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park than Kona, Hilo also offers proximity to the Akaka Falls, which are some of the more impressive Hawaii waterfalls. Both of Hawaiian airports that can be found on the Big Island accept some direct flights, but if you can't find one, connecting in Honolulu will again be the norm.

Kauai Airports

For those who are looking to stay active during their Hawaii vacation, visiting the stunning island of Kauai is recommended. Some of the best beaches in Hawaii can be found on Kauai, which is reason enough to visit. Kalapaki Beach, which can be found in Lihue, is arguably the best overall beach on the island, though Poipu Beach, Hanalei Beach, and a handful of others might have something to say about that. Getting back to the airports in Hawaii, the Lihue Airport is where those who are flying to Kauai will land. While it is possible to catch direct flights to the Lihue Airport from some U.S. destinations, connecting in Honolulu is generally the name of the game.

The Lihue Airport is just a few miles from the downtown Lihue area. Interestingly enough, the airport does not offer shuttle service or public transportation. As such, taking a taxi or renting a car are your only choices for getting to your next destination, unless you have special arrangements with local friends or something the like.

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