Aloha Festival Hawaii

Aloha Festival 2023 is an annual series of cultural events celebrated within Hawaii; the festival takes place each year and features a special festival theme. It is celebrated across the state, which makes it the only statewide festival focusing on culture in the United States. Visitors will enjoy culturally themed street parties, Hawaiian-themed live concerts organized for both visitors and local residents, and the famous Aloha Festival parade. Celebrations are held all over the state including Oahu and Maui throughout September and October over a six-week period.

Aloha Festival History and Facts

The Aloha Festival is a cultural showcase that began in 1946, making it the oldest American cultural festival. Aloha Week was the very first installment of the celebration, which turned into a full-fledged cultural festival in Hawaii. Publicly celebrated, the festival spans almost two entire months with special events like street parties, known as ho‘olaule‘a to locals, as well as plenty of local music and parades honoring Hawaii’s history and heritage.

The Aloha Festival Parade is one of the most famous events and offers the distinction of covering numerous aspects of Hawaiian culture through visually stunning floats adorned in vibrant local flowers, marching bands, and male and female Pau Riders. The Aloha Festival parade that travels from Ala Moana Park across the city to Kapiolani Park is one of the most famous, even better, admission is free. Taste of Helumoa Food and Wine Festival in Honolulu is another excellent sponsorship event to attend. Aloha Festival 2023 is also celebrated in other states including California and Colorado.

Tickets to Aloha Festival

Though the Aloha Festival Parade and numerous other festival events are free of charge, a monetary component lies in purchasing meals from food vendors, buying crafts at block party marketplaces, and picking up traditional leis and other souvenirs. The largest public celebrations at Aloha Festival 2023 generally offer free admission so no official tickets to Aloha Festival are required.

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