Big Island Flights

The Big Island of Hawaii welcomes dozens of flights from the mainland and other islands each day. If you are going to fly to Big Island, you have options for choosing your flight. The two airports that accommodate most of the Big Island flights are Hilo Airport (ITO) and Kona (KOA), also called Keahole Airport. Searching on your own for cheap airfare to the Big Island can often save you money compared with booking directly with an airline, so whether you are looking for flights to Hilo or flights to Kona, be sure to do careful research. Inter-island flights are another option for getting to the Big Island.

Of the two major airports on the Big Island, your choice likely will depend on your preferences and plans for your visit. There are a few more options for direct flights to Kona than to Hilo, as Kona carries more of the major airlines. Some of the airlines that serve the airport include American, Delta, Northwest, and, of course, Aloha, and Hawaiian. Flights to Hilo are carried out by ATA along with Aloha and Hawaiian.

Direct flights to Kona and Hilo from the west coast of the mainland can last up to five hours, as they cover about 2,000 miles. As it is still a domestic flight, security measures are somewhat more relaxed as opposed to intercontinental flights, but remember, bringing food into Hawaii from elsewhere is always forbidden. Airlines provide plenty of onboard snacks and meals for these long flights.

Travelers will find a wide range of options for Big Island flights. Stopping on one of the other islands, such as Oahu, Maui, or Honolulu, is one possibility. Those flying to another island before going on to the Big Island can book an inter-island flight from any one of the major islands. These flights are also available from the Big Island to other parts of Hawaii. A one-way inter-island flight usually ranges anywhere between $30 and $100, so plan your trip ahead of time to ensure the best price.

Ground transportation is something else to consider for your trip to the Big Island. On your visit, think about the things to do and attractions on the Big Island that interest you and what type of vehicle you will need to get there. Hidden Big Island beaches may be unreachable by car, in which case you may want to rent a scooter for getting around town. On a long trek around the island or to Volcanoes National Park, you might prefer a comfortable SUV with room to hold plenty of equipment.

Another factor to bear in mind is the Big Island weather, which varies drastically from one side to the other. Kona gets very little rain, while Hilo receives buckets at certain times of the year. Be sure to check into the rainy season and when to go to the Big Island if you are looking for sunshine on your vacation.

Many times, travelers book the flight before thinking about what to do at their destination, but in this case, the opposite is better—while there are many things to do in Hawaii, making the best choices for Big Island flights requires careful planning. Before booking a flight, plan your trip, and then, based on your vacation itinerary, decide which airline and Big Island airport to book. Using an airfare comparison engine can help find the best price. Once the major flight is booked, research the inter-island flights to and from the Big Island if you want to make island-hopping part of your vacation. In this way, you can ensure a pleasant and stress-free visit to the Big Island.

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