Big Island Airport Shuttle

Hopping on a Big Island airport shuttle to get to your hotel or other intended destination is always an option, and it beats driving if you are tired or had too many cocktails on the plane. There are a number of companies that offer shuttle services on the Big Island, and you can book private trips to your destination if you please. You can also take a more public shuttle that stops at various resorts in the area. However, it's not possible to take a Big Island airport shuttle to every hotel and resort on the island, so you will have to find another form of transportation if your accommodations aren't included.

Renting a car at some point during your Big Island vacation is recommended, and you will find car rental desks at the island's two main airports if you want to pick up your vehicle as soon as you arrive. Should you prefer riding a Big Island airport shuttle to your hotel or resort and renting a car later, the top hotels here offer car rental services of their own. The Hilo International Airport, unfortunately, offers limited shuttle services, so it's not the best place to look if you're wondering where to find airport shuttles on the Big Island. Only the Naniloa Volcanoes Resort offers shuttle service to and from the Hilo airport, so you will have to otherwise rent a car, take a bus, or hire a taxi to get around if you're not staying there. Kona is a much better place to look if you are wondering where to find airport shuttles on the Big Island, as it's the more popular place for air travelers to arrive.

The Kona International Airport offers three different shuttle options, two of which involve calling the company to pick you up and bring your to your hotel. The rates for this kind of door-to-door service are more than fair, but if you are looking to spend as little as possible on your Big Island airport shuttle, than you can take the discount shuttle. The discount shuttle at the Kona International Airport departs on the hour all day long, and it drops those who board it off at their respective hotels. You'll pay less to ride the discount shuttle, though you will often have to make a bunch of stops along the way. Hopefully, your hotel will be first on the list. If not, you can kick back and enjoy the ride. The scenery is stunning on the Big Island, and taking it in is a joy.

Now that you know where to find airport shuttles on the Big Island, you can start making your ground transportation plans to get to your hotel or resort once you arrive. However, it can't be stressed enough that renting a car at some point during your Big Island vacation is a good idea. If you take a Big Island airport shuttle to your hotel and don't rent a car afterward, you likely will find it difficult to get around. The inter-island bus system is free, and there are trolley services in the Keauhou Resort area that can transport you to various resorts, Alii Drive, and other major attractions, but having a car gives you the kind of freedom these forms of transportation just can't offer. If you absolutely can't or don't want to rent a car on your Big Island vacation, you can always book special tours that include transportation. Should your budget allow, you can also hail taxi cabs as you go.

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