Akaka Falls

Some of the most impressive waterfalls in the world present an obvious reminder of nature's strength and versatility. One of the most impressive of all waterfalls on Big Island is found inside Akaka Falls State Park. Traveling north from Hilo's city center, Akaka Falls Hawaii is reached by Hawaii car rental on a 20 minute scenic drive through aging sugar cane fields. Akaka Falls in Hilo presents an opportunity to take a deeper look into the natural wonders of Big Island and the lush rainforests covering much of the landscape.

Akaka Falls State Park comprises a circular paved trail that leads to two distinct waterfalls. Hawaii hiking trips along the shaded pathway are ripe with the scent of tropical Hawaiian jungle flowers and flourishing vines. Though Akaka Falls is the true jewel of the park, it's recommended that visitors head to Kahuna Falls first. This waterfall is impressive but it doesn't compare to the rugged and breathtaking beauty of Akaka Falls in Hilo. It's the less magnificent, and smaller, of the two and an excellent spot to whet appetites for the upcoming sight of the true star of the Akaka Falls State Park.

The trail meanders along a scenic loop encompassing one mile in total where Hawaii hiking is rated at an intermediate level.  Kahuna Falls is reached by the easier downhill pathway while the other trail leads to Akaka Falls. There is a large sign pointing visitors in the direction of each of the waterfalls to avoid any confusion. Upon reaching Akaka Falls the 442 foot drop creates a spectacular sight of furiously descending water that meets the large pool of below. The pool is drained by the Kolekole Stream. Be sure to hike to the very edge of the path to the observation point to see the falls completely, from top to bottom including the pool..

Hawaii tours of Akaka Falls State Park showcase verdant green foliage that pops out of the surrounding jungle creating a magical backdrop on a journey full of adventure. Banana plants, beautiful banyan trees, groves of towering bamboo and intricate networks of vines are all part of the striking natural beauty at Akaka Falls Hawaii. A hike through the jungle is one of the favored things to do in the area and highlights the best of the rainforest's flora and fauna.

On route to Akaka Falls Hawaii visitors will drive through Papaikou. For those interested in a Big Island bed and breakfast, there are a number of charming ones to choose from in Papaikou for a fun overnight stay on the east coast. Onomea Bay is also a nice stop during Hawaii holidays along the east side of Big Island. The rustic landscape has been carved over thousands of years by the area's streams and erosion and the lava caves have been sculpted by fierce winds and waves. In this old sailing port remnants of the historical Onomea Sugar Mill can be seen.

Visitors heading to Akaka Falls Hawaii can also enjoy a stop in the town of Honomu situated right before the park. The historic town is a popular spot explored by tourists on their way in and out of Akaka Falls in Hilo. The many old shop fronts, from the days when sugar was one of the most important elements of Big Island's economy, offer a glimpse into Hawaiian history. The quiet town is a great place to stop on the way out of Akaka Falls and reflect on the enchanting scenery. For avid players, Big Island golfing can be enjoyed at the Hilo Golf Course. For snorkeling and swimming Leleiwi Beach Park on the east end of Hilo features abundant sea life, shady palms and picnic areas great for rounding out a perfect day trip on Big Island.

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