Anaehoomalu Beach

Located about six miles south of Waikola Village on the Kohala Coast, Anaehoomalu Bay Beach Park, also called A-Bay for ease of pronunciation, was once a popular vacation spot for Hawaiian royalty. Behind the palm-fringed sands are several ancient royal fishponds still full of mullet. When royalty arrived for a stay, their minions would stroll around the ponds and choose the evening meal the same way modern diners choose a lobster from the tank at the front of a restaurant. This is a tranquil spot, with a gently winding walking and hiking trail leading all the way to Waikoloa Beach. This complex network of fishponds strung along Anaehoomalu Beach provides a glimpse into the island’s ancient history and the sophisticated aquaculture of the native Hawaiians. Nearby is the historic King’s Trail that leads to ancient petroglyph fields. You can even blend some of this history with some golfing at the six courses along the trail.

Anaehoomalu Beach itself is referred to as a salt-and-pepper beach, as it is a mixture of golden sand and black lava grains. The beach is nearly 1,000 feet long, and the bay provides good protection. This means that, though it is a good wind surfing beach, the waters remain relatively calm even when they are rougher offshore. It is also a good snorkeling and diving spot, particularly at the southern end, and there are plenty of equipment-rental outlets lining the northern part of the beach. Spectacular sunsets make it a great location for late afternoon Big Island weddings. Features of Anaehoomalu Bay Beach Park include shady areas and picnic areas. There are numerous nearby and accessible resort facilities and services, such as shopping areas, restaurants, and other dining spots. There are no lifeguards on duty, so do pay attention to signage about the surf.

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