Big Island Attractions

Hawaii has an enormous amount of attractions on Big Island for visitors of every age and size. There are three main cities on the Big Island: Kona, Hilo, and Waimea, which are spread out on the three extreme points of the island. In and around these three cities, there is a multitude of things to do and things to see on the Big Island. Whether you are looking for undersea adventure, rain forest exploration, or a journey through the skies of Hawaii, here is the place you will find everything from scuba diving and snorkeling to horseback riding and hang gliding.

If you are bound for Kona, look for resorts and sunny days of diving and snorkeling in these clear waters, and while you are in the city, take in some of the best surfing and kayaking on the Big Island. While Hilo's waters are not as clear as Kona's, there is still plenty to see in underwater exploration. In addition, nearby Volcanoes National Park beckons visitors to its shimmering black lava for hikes, and travelers can also enjoy a trek through a rain forest. Perhaps your plans include a stay at Waimea. In that case, look forward to the splendid opportunity of visiting Hawaii's ranch land.

The Big Island attractions include several popular beaches. Anaehoomalu Beach is set off as a stand-alone beach among jagged lava-flow terrain. Locals call this particular beach A-Bay. Here, visitors will find freshwater springs, a beautiful lagoon, and a backdrop of palm trees. Restrooms and showers are also provided for beach-goers. Another one of the interesting beach attractions on Big Island is Papakolea Beach, famous for its ovaline sands. Ovaline is a green-tinted mineral found in volcanic rock. While you are at the beach, take in a few water sports or explore an underwater lava tube and watch for sleeping sharks.

The extreme terrain of Hawaii creates a host of exciting Big Island attractions and things to do across the island. For example, a relaxing afternoon can be spent in the botanical gardens near Hilo. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden displays an incredible amount of exotic plant life from all over the world as you walk through a tropical rain forest filled with waterfalls, streams, and ocean scenery. Hilo Tropical Garden is the smaller and older of the botanical Big Island tourist attractions. In fact, it is the oldest garden on the island, once belonging to one of the last princesses of Hawaii.

Check out some of the more unique Big Island tourist attractions while you relax on the Hawaiian beaches and trek the lava flows of Volcanoes National Park, such as a mysterious green flash that occurs in the evening. The flash is created in the same way as a rainbow, and as green is the color that is refracted the most at sunset, green is the color of the flash. To see this, one must have a clear view of the sunset on a clear evening; just make sure you do not look directly into the sun until just before the very top passes the horizon. The best viewing spots are on the Kona side of the island—Kona Coast State Park, Alii Drive in downtown Kona near the seawall, and several other locations on the Kona Coast. Wherever you decide to view the Green Flash, you are sure to enjoy a great time with friends and family. The Lava Tree State Monument is an interesting Big Island attraction to enjoy a day trip or picnic. In 1790, fast-flowing lava overwhelmed an ohia forest, leaving only the lava forms of burned trunks standing.

With a diverse array of attractions on Big Island, you will never want for things to do on your vacation, whether it's camping or canoeing, surfing or snorkeling, or hiking or hang gliding. Big Island attractions range from the common to the uncommon, the culture-rich to the everyday. There are Big Island tourist attractions for everyone in the entire family.

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