Big Island Beaches

Some tourists visit Big Island and leave feeling disappointed because of the small number of beaches. Oahu, Maui and Kauai offer hundreds of stunning Hawaii beaches for sun worshipers and water sport enthusiasts yet Big Island exhibits its own unique and rugged appeal. This isn't to say there are not any Big Island beaches worth visiting, because there are many, though they can be more crowded than other island beaches due to their small numbers. Big Island is the newest in the island chain and hasn't yet enjoyed a large addition of Hawaii beaches created by thousands of years of ocean waves crashing into rocks and shells.

Along the popular Kohala Coast, Big Island beaches include the very family-friendly Hapuna Beach, 30 miles north of Kona. This pristine stretch of white sand extends into the ocean creating an expanse of soft ocean floor great for wading along the coastline. The many things to do on Hapuna caters to all ages and many interests. Big Island surfing, body and boogie boarding are all a great way to pass away a warm afternoon on the beach. Sunbathers enjoy the expansive width of the beach in the summer months, allowing for plenty of space to spread out and play.

The best time to go to Hapuna Beach is during the week as the weekends are generally very crowded. The winter months present conditions unsuited for swimming with ferocious riptides creating dangerous situations. This Big Island beaches grassy areas, covered pavilions, restrooms and palm trees are ideal amenities for enjoying a full day seaside. Beach rentals are a convenience enjoyed by many interested in snorkeling and boogie boarding and numerous concession stands offer cold drinks, snow cones and other snacks.

Black sand beaches in Hawaii are a big hit with tourists who have never had the pleasure to experience them before. They're created over time by tiny fragments of ground up lava rock. Black sand beaches in Hawaii can be found on Maui, Oahu and Kauai as well as Big Island. Black sand beaches in Hawaii on Big Island to visit during Hawaii holidays include Punalu'u Beach on the southeast coast. The beach is popular for its incredible onyx hued sand and also because it's a well known nesting site for green turtles. The trade off for visiting the beautiful area is facilities aren't nearly as many as other beaches and the access is rocky. The perk is few visitors venture this far to the southern Ka'u district affording more privacy then many other beaches.

Also situated along the Kohala Coast is another of the best Big island beaches to spend some time on. Mauna Kea Beach is considered one of the top beaches in the world. Soft, golden sand is bordered by a large coconut grove on one side and crystal clear ocean water on the other creating a stunning, picturesque backdrop. One of the Big Island resorts maintains the beach and only permits a certain number of visitors per day so it's best to arrive in the early morning. Parking is also limited furthering the incentive to get there before the area is staked out by others.

Hawaii beaches offer an escape to some of Big Island's most beautiful, natural areas. They offer a place to feel tranquility at its best and enjoy fun activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing. Black sand beaches in Hawaii are often included in Hawaii tours because of their special geological elements, a natural phenomenon many have never seen before. They also offer a unique setting for Hawaii weddings and other special events and holidays. Big Island beaches are a place to enjoy the best of the Pacific flanked by impressive shoreline backdrops excellent for savoring the natural island beauty.

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