Big Island Surfing

Big Island Surfing
Big Island Surfing

Surfing has long been a part of South Pacific culture, especially in Hawaii. Once reserved as a sport only for royalty to enjoy, affluent Hawaiian families would move from their winter locations on the northern shores to their summer getaways in the southern parts of the islands to ride the best waves all through the year. These days the ancients aren't that different from modern day surfers who follow the wave patterns with great care and attention for riding is the ultimate thrill, a fast paced adventure requiring skill and know-how many train a lifetime to acquire.

Big Island Hawaii surfing holds the least appeal in the island chain yet does offer a number of good spots to catch some waves. Upolu boasts black sand Big Island beaches and colossal peaks far down below as waves flow one after another, crashing into the bluffs and peeling back layer by layer. The remote beach has a right hand break and compiles wild northwest, north and northeast swells in the winter months. Surfing Hawaii here is wave riding at its best. When the waves recede to smaller sizes surfers will need some Big Island hiking and climbing experience to get in and out of the water. Guns and shortboards are the best to use at Upolu.

Surfing the Big Island Hawaii at Pinetrees is popular and often called a swell magnet. The beach break and reef is ideal and surrounded by tropical landscape and majestic waves. The beach is a narrow, crescent shaped strip of white sand known for momentous waves when many other spots for surfing Hawaii are flat. Both right and left hand waves come quickly from offshore reefs. Classic peaks are served up, created by the offshore reefs and inclining lava formations that run into the ocean. Surfing the Big Island Hawaii at Pinetrees offers year round breaks best in the west and southwest swells. Though both long and shortboards are recommended but many say longboards are the best ride for Big Island Hawaii surfing at Pinetrees.

Surfing the Big Island Hawaii is also possible at Kahaluu Beach Park in the town of Kailua Kona on the west coast. The area is also one of the best snorkeling spots on the island boasting thousands of schools of tame fish. There are lots of fun things to do in and around the town aside from the beach. At Kailua Pier there are a host of bars, shops and restaurants to explore. Tourists can also arrange excellent Hawaii diving trips through area tour operators. Big Island golfing can be enjoyed at the Makalei Hawaii Country Club rounding out something to do for each member of the family or travel group.

When surfing the Big Island Hawaii at Kahaluu Beach look out for the three tiers of surf sweeping over the lagoons and reefs. The beach is a small and sheltered rugged bay with a dark strip of sand great for taking a breather. For bigger waves head out further. Big Island Hawaii surfing for beginners is best slightly after the snorkeling lagoon. For intermediate surfing Hawaii boarders should head out to the assortment of peaks a little further out where there are more reefs that peel and tube. All breaks are normally full-faced and exciting and very rarely hollow. Both short and longboards are great at Kahaluu Beach.

Wave-hunters are most common in Oahu where some of the most legendary monster waves crash in between October and March and the most accredited of all surfing competitions are held. Waikiki Beach has great surfing for beginners year round. Beginners also take to the water in Kauai with plenty of consistent waves at Poipu Beach on the south coast. Along the southeast coast Kalapaki Beach is a favorite, sitting in a well-protected bay.

Maui comes next on the agenda with many championship surfing competitions held between March and May. When looking to surf Big Island Waipio on the north shore and Papeekeo, north from Hilo along the east shore are good spots. When heading to Hawaii to surf, go north in the winter and spring and head south in the summer months. Different months appeal to different surfing skills yet visitors will luck into waves somewhere around the island almost any time of year.

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