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The Big Island of Hawaii is filled with an unmistakable energy. Polynesian folklore alleges that the goddess Pele is the mother of all Hawaiian islands with the Big Island being her latest and best fervid birth. Twice the size of Oahu, Maui and Kauai combined, Big Island grows more each day as fiery lava meets blue ocean thousands of feet below, slowly creating even more terrain to explore. One of the best ways to enjoy all that the Big Island has to offer is to arrange some of the many exciting Hawaii tours available.

A great way to get the most out of limited Hawaii holidays is to take a Circle Island Tour. These Big Island tours pickup guests from Big Island resorts and hotels and head off on a full day's journey. During these trips in Hawaii Big Island tour operators will narrate every sight as the tour heads to Volcanoes National Park, the Thurston Lava Tube, Kona Coast coffee plantations and beautiful Waimea. A Hawaii Big Island tour also passes through the vibrant town of Hilo and stops at many natural wonders along the route. These Big Island tours vary so be sure to select one that encompasses the most interesting attractions for you.

On a volcano tour Big Island beauty and raw, rugged landscape exhibits the wonders of the island's geological creations and the timeless struggle between forces of water and fire. As the tour begins the guide takes visitors across isolated lava flows and proceeds up rolling pastures adjacent to Mauna Kea. Turning onto a long road traversing the large island, witness an environmental wonder of sub alpine forests, diverse ranches, lush rainforest, lava tubes and lava flows.

On the volcano tour Big Island naturalists lead the tour on the way through Hilo town and on to the ascent to Kilauea, an epic journey to Volcanoes National Park, a place that can take days to fully explore. Hawaiian history and geographic symbols are showcased throughout these Big Island tours. On a volcanic tour Big Island can be seen for what it really is and the birth of the island chain is no longer a mystery. "Doors Off" Hawaii helicopter tours are some of the most exciting, flying visitors over volcanoes where the heat radiates so ardently that it can be felt inside the craft!

Hawaii Big Island helicopter tours are the most popular of all island adventures. They are set apart from Kauai helicopter tours and tours in Maui and Oahu because of the fascinating volcanic landscape of Volcanoes National Park, covering such a massive area that it's an awe-inspiring sight to see from the air. Normally lasting about an hour, Hawaii Big Island helicopter tours also cover some of the large number of stunning waterfalls.

Departing from Hilo, a Hawaii Big Island tour flies over miles of lush, tropical rainforest, to Kilauea Volcano and then over breathtaking falls in hidden island havens. Upon the return Hawaii Big Island helicopter tours normally pass over Mauna Loa and across the Wailuku Rover where emerald colored ponds and fierce, rushing water stand out as if they were a vivid painting.

There are many other options to choose for an exciting Hawaii Big Island tour. Carefully check the length of tours and what they include before discerning between the best deals.Scuba diving and snorkeling are also high on the list of things to do on vacation. Pairing a snorkeling trip with a dolphin sail is another of the exciting packages to try. Horseback riding through the verdant Waipio Valley is another big hit with visitors. For those on a Hawaii honeymoon, or looking for some romance, a Hawaii dinner cruise is a great way to view the beautiful coastline, enjoy a delicious feast and a Big Island luau-style show. Add sailing, sport fishing and cycling tours to the mix and the choices offer unrivaled options for exploring Big Island from top to bottom.

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