Big Island Plantations

Plantation tours on the Big Island have been growing in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the fame of Kona Coffee. The Big Island plantations aren't only found in north and south Kona, however, and connoisseurs of the almighty roasted coffee bean will want to make it a point to sample the local product elsewhere as well. The Kau District claims that its coffee is every bit as good as Kona's, and the Puna District might have something to say about it as well. However, the Kona coffee plantations still reign supreme, partly because some of the other districts are relatively new to the scene, and visiting one of them is among the top things to do in Kona.

The Kona coffee plantations churn out some of the most expensive coffees in the world, so they have been able to remain viable for many years. Most of the Kona coffee plantations only boast about three acres of land, though there are a few that are spread out over 50 acres or more. Most of the coffee produced by these plantations meets or exceeds the level of quality that is required to rate it Prime, and the Typica variety is the most prevalent. Kona is the hot spot when it comes to plantation tours on the Big Island, and learning all about the production process here is as eye-opening as a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Holualoa, which is just ten minutes south of Kailua-Kona, is another good place to find quality Big Island plantations. Head to one of the local cafes in either one of these destinations, and you are sure to enjoy some locally grown coffee that can impress even the most finicky of coffee drinkers.

Cafes have been growing in number across the Big Island, so you don't have to be in Kailua-Kona or Holualoa to get a hot and tasty blend. Hilo boasts good cafes, and as it rains so much in the Hilo area, coffee can help to perk you up on cloudy days. Just north of Hilo, the Hamakua Coast produces high-quality coffee that is grown on the cool, lush slopes of Mauna Kea. The plantations on the scenic Hamakua Coast, much like those across the Big Island, take pride in their product, and it shows. In fact, after sampling coffees from the different coffee-producing regions here, you might not be able to decide which one is best.

Many Big Island hotels and resorts offer complimentary coffee in their guest rooms, which is always a nice treat, so you won't always have to go searching for a cup to help you start your day. For those who book plantation tours on the Big Island, taking home a bag of the final product is a good way to keep the experience alive once you get back home. The rich and aromatic aroma alone is sure to remind you of all the fun you had on your Big Island vacation. Tours of the Big Island plantations are easy to arrange, and they are relatively affordable as well, which helps to make them all the more worthwhile.

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