Big Island Dolphin Swims

Swimming with dolphins on the Big Island is something people of all ages can enjoy, and the incredible experience is sure to make lasting memories. You are all but guaranteed to swim with dolphins on the Big Island when you book a dolphin swim tour, and you just might happen upon some of these curious and friendly creatures while enjoying other water-related activities such as snorkeling. The Big Island dolphins are a joy to observe, and you are likely to hear their sonar sounds if you get close enough. Don't forget the waterproof camera when heading out for your Big Island dolphin encounter, as the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean allow for plenty of fantastic snapshots.

Big Island dolphin swims are easy to book, especially if you head to the Kailua-Kona area. The drier and less windy west coast of the Big Island is the best place to swim with dolphins, as the relatively calm water conditions are simply ideal. These conditions also attract a number of whales, and whale watching is another top activity off the island's west coast during the humpbacks' winter migration season. The added advantage of Big Island dolphin swims is the opportunity that you will have to get up close to these curious creatures. Interacting with these animals is an experience that is hard to match. More often than not, animal viewing involves keeping a healthy distance between you and the animals, which is understandable. Most wild creatures aren't as friendly or willing to interact with humans as dolphins are.

While it's not exactly cheap, a tour that involves swimming with dolphins on the Big Island isn't terribly expensive either. Snacks and water are generally provided to guests on the boat, as is snorkeling equipment. As for what you should bring on Big Island dolphin swims, be sure to pack sunblock, a towel, and a bathing suit. You can also consider bringing a wetsuit, though you likely won't need one. A personal mask and snorkel also will come in handy if you plan on doing a lot of snorkeling on your trip. When you book a tour to swim with dolphins on the Big Island, it will typically last about four hours. Most of the tour boats can accommodate around six passengers, while there are some that can handle more if you are planning an outing with a larger group.

When you swim with dolphins on the Big Island, it's not uncommon to encounter hundreds of them on a single trip. These spotted and spinner dolphins know a good location when they find one, and it hardly gets better than the waters off the Kona and Kohala coasts. Swimming with dolphins on the Big Island is sure to figure among the highlights of your trip, and there is no shortage of other fun things to do if you are looking to build up your itinerary. The deep-sea fishing off the island's west coast is incredible, and the hiking in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is as good as hiking gets. The Big Island calls itself Hawaii's Island of Adventure for a reason, and if you like the outdoors, it might be the ideal place for your next vacation. Most outdoor activities can be enjoyed year-round, as is the case with dolphin swims, so there's really never a bad time to visit.

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